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Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar

November 1, 2018


Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Best Rated 12 String Acoustic Guitar Reviewed

The 12-string acoustic guitars are known to produce shimmery music. Despite their chords are tuned to resemble the sound created by a 6-string guitar, no 2 strings are capable of producing the exact same pitch. As a result, the sound produced has a natural variation to it. It is for this reason that it is difficult to control the music produced by a 12-string acoustic guitar. We have already listed the important features that’ll help you in finding a 12-string acoustic guitar that you’ll be able to manage. Further on, we have also made a list of 5 12-string acoustic guitars that, according to us, are with each penny spent.

Oscar Schmidt OD312CE 12-String Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Schmidt OD312CE

Oscar Schmidt OD312 12-String acoustic guitar has die-cast tuners. It has a comfortable and non-slippery mahogany neck that’s adjustable. It has a solid spruce top and its neck is made of mahogany tonewood. With a laminated wood body and mahogany tonewood back, this 12-string dreadnought acoustic guitar has a rosewood fretboard.

This is a likable 12-string acoustic guitar that has a rich tonal quality and high intonation. Its strings are strong and built to withstand hardcore strumming. Not to forget, it adds a classy variation for solo performers. That being so, the wood of this guitar peels off way too easily. However, it still is a wonderful instrument.


  • Adjustable neck helps in setting the action according to comfort
  • Wooden base holding the strings together is very strong
  • High-quality tuning pegs reduce tension around the strings
  • Strings are resistant to corrosion and dust


  • Decorative body starts to lose shine and is prone to scratching
  • Strings can over-interfere with each other while strumming

Epiphone DR 212 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone DR 212 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone DR 212 dreadnought guitar has a rosewood fretboard and a scale length of 25.5 inches. It has mahogany tonewood back, sides, top, and neck. With a solid Sitka spruce top, this instrument has 1.6 inches nut width.

Coming from the house of Epiphone, DR 212 is a high-quality 12-string acoustic guitar that is used to produce multiple music styles like, blues, country music, rock music, and jazz. Since it is a low-action instrument with thin strings, it is good for finger practicing too. Though the one thing that needs consideration is that the strings of this guitar do not have a long life. All in all, this guitar is surely a durable instrument with a long life.


  • Perfect for blues and folk music as well as country music
  • Strings and frets are close to each other
  • Thin strings produce loud music with clearly audible notes
  • High intonation with in-tune default settings


  • Expensive than other 12-string guitars with similar features
  • Strings run out of tune frequently and become rigid over time
  • Body is not scratch proof and strings can corrode

Fender CD-100 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-100

Fender CD-100 12-String Acoustic Guitar has laminated mahogany back and sides and a laminated spruce top. Manufactured for both left handed and right handed people, this guitar has a smooth rosewood fretboard, bridge, and headstock.

In addition, with a satin smooth finish and thin Nato neck, this 20 frets guitar has a scalloped X bracing. It has a dual action truss rod, bronze strings, and die-cast tuning keys. Lastly, Fender CD-100 displays 3mm dot position inlays on the fretboard.

This guitar produces fuller and well balanced warm tones. It has a tight bass and stunning treble. However, the one downside that this guitar has is that the strings over-interfere with each.

This can turn shimmery music into noise. Thus, it needs to be in tune every minute to produce good sound. However, all in all, this guitar is an ideal pick for intermediates and professionals. You can also use it for stage performances and studio recordings.


  • Smooth neck helps in switching between strings and frets easy
  • Tuners reduce tension between strings and guitar’s neck
  • Produces a balanced tone and has high intonation
  • Durable and strong body with a satin smooth finish


  • Heavier neck makes holding the guitar tough
  • Bronze strings can feel rigid towards the beginning
  • Strings over-interfere with each other while strumming
  • Difficult to clean dust without detaching the strings

Yamaha FG820 12-String Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG820

Yamaha FG820 12-String acoustic guitar has a solid spruce top and Nato neck. It has a rosewood fretboard and mahogany tonewood back and sides. This all-wood dreadnought acoustic guitar is available in 7 colors, black, natural, turquoise, ruby red, sunset blue, brown sunburst, and autumn burst.

With a scalloped X bracing and hand sprayed smooth finish, this 12-string acoustic guitar has perfect quality control features. Lastly, it is manufactured for right-handed people.

This amazing 12-string guitar by Yamaha is easy to hold as it has a very comfortable neck. However, high-action is its main drawback. Moreover, you can fix this flaw by replacing the bone saddle or by using a capo. Nonetheless, it is highly affordable and durable.


  • Produces warm deep sound perfect for contemporary music
  • Strings are strong and do not need frequent replacement
  • Quality control features for live performances


  • High action that needs to be adjusted by using a capo
  • Strings are thick that makes strumming difficult
  • Produces buzzing sound within a few months of constant use
  • Despite rich sound, the tones lack bass

Martin D12-28 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Martin D12-28 - 12 String

A highly playable and rich sounding guitar with a solid ebony tonewood fretboard. Manufactured for right-handed people, it has a comfortable mahogany tonewood neck and Indian rosewood back and sides. It has a solid Sitka spruce top with X bracing. This product has a flexible tuning pegs and an adjustable neck.

In addition, the Martin D12-28 12-string dreadnought acoustic guitar features a 14-fret style body with 14 clear frets and 20 overall frets. Lastly, it has a 24.9 inches scale length and dotted inlay pattern on the fretboard.


  • Adjustable truss rod and high intonation
  • Durable body, strong strings, and high-quality tuners
  • Anti-slip body and neck for perfect grip


  • Purely for professionals and extremely expensive
  • Strings are hard to press; thus not suitable for finger practicing
  • Strings can over-interfere with each other while strumming
  • The strings go out of tune every few days

Key Considerations When Buying A 12-String Acoustic Guitar

The first idea that you need to drop is that all 12-string acoustic guitars are equally complex. These guitars too have different difficulty levels that need to be mastered. That being said, it is quite obvious that not all guitars can be equally perfect for you. On cue, we have a reference guide incorporating some important features that should be taken into consideration while buying a 12-string acoustic guitar.

  • Your Budget – Evaluating your budget is the first necessity. 12-string acoustic guitars are not inexpensive for a simple fact that they aren’t for absolute beginners. They are for practiced musicians who have already mastered training on basic 6-string guitars. As a consequence, 12-string acoustic guitars are quite pricey. Thus, always fix your budget while buying one.
  • Skill Level – 12-string acoustic guitars have different levels. They do range between simple to tough depending upon the features that they have. You should buy the one that complements your capability. Buying a piece you cannot control will never create good music. This feature will also keep the cost under the limit.
  • Neck Width – A 12-string acoustic guitar should fit your hands. It needs more stretch than standard guitars. As a result, narrow neck width is always a big plus. A broad neck that does not fit your hands will never support good music even if your guitar has a top-notch build. Additionally, if the guitar has a non-slippery neck, it’s even more playable.
  • String Space – Spacing between the strings and between the strings and frets play a huge role in determining the tonal quality of the guitar. An ideal 12-string acoustic guitar is the one where strings do not over-interfere with each other. Otherwise, the sound produced will be noise and not shimmer. The space between frets and strings should also be low. The closer you can press the strings to meet the frets, the better will be the sound produced.
  • Music Type – The type of music you play is an important feature to be considered. Not all 12-string guitars are designed to produce similar music. A lot of factors like type of wood, type of strings, and scale length, determine the kind of music produced. To that end, buy a guitar that produces the kind of music that you play.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the 12-string acoustic guitars are unforgiving instruments that, when played properly, produce a rich sound that picks each note clearly. Highly complex for beginners, they need perfect wrist and hard fingers. You need to move your hands swiftly while holding two strings at the same time. This is why these are the toughest guitars for professionals. Nevertheless, they vary in cost, complexity, and features. Whence, our list of 5 best 12-string acoustic guitars and the features you should consider while buying them will serve the purpose of a perfect reference guide.

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