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Best Acoustic Guitar Cases

November 1, 2018


Best Acoustic Guitar Cases

Acoustic guitars are delicate musical instruments that need proper handling. Frequent falls might affect the tonal quality of the guitar and can damage the strings, tuners, the bridge as well as the tonewood quality. Which is why, guitar cases are so important. They keep your instruments safe from minor to major damage. They do not just increase the longevity of your guitar, they also keep its body scratch.

Having said that, not all guitar cases offer the same level of protection. Each piece is different from the others in numerous ways. Thus, in order to deal with the confusion, you should focus on some basic features that all guitar cases should have. These features are the benchmarks that can decide if a guitar case is worth your money or not.

Best Rated Acoustic Guitar Cases Reviewed

Compromising with the quality of a guitar case in order to save a few extra bucks is not a good idea. Instead, you should be tactful in a way that you can find a budget-friendly acoustic guitar case combined with all the necessary features to make it reliable and durable. If you find this advice too tricky to absorb, our list of 5 best acoustic guitar cases will surely clear the air.

Gator Cases GBE-MINI-ACOU Mini Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Gator Cases GBE-MINI-ACOU Mini Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

This mini acoustic guitar case by gator has a 10-millimeter thick internal padding. It is made of nylon and weighs 1.2 pounds. This ¾ size acoustic guitar case comes with backpack straps and has an extra large and spacious external pocket for carrying guitar accessories. This gig bag is heavily cushioned. It is made of non-tear fabric towards the guitar bridge and headstock in order to protect the tuning pegs and strings.

Gator Cases GBE-MINI-ACOU Mini Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag is strong enough to support ¾ size acoustic guitars. Though it keeps the guitars scratch free, its external body isn’t scratch proof. Despite this downside, this gig bag is highly recommended for short travels since it is an inexpensive durable product.


  • Deeper towards the bridge and headstock
  • Strong and smooth zips close properly
  • Extra large pocket for carrying guitar accessories
  • Inexpensive and robust to store 12-fret guitars
  • An external heavy-duty nylon material for added protection


  • Non-removable backpack straps suitable only for short distance

Faswin 41 Inch Dual Adjustable Shoulder Strap Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag


This acoustic guitar case has adjustable shoulder straps and external pockets secured with zippers. The storage pockets are triple gusseted and the case has a non-abrasive lining for protection against shock. The headstock is strong and puncture resistance. This gig bag keeps the guitar safe from dust and is easy to clean.

This guitar case by faswin is durable and can easily hold lightweight guitars in place. However, it cannot bear the weight of expensive high-end guitars. This is because it can sustain only minor bumps. With the exception of this downside, this acoustic guitar case is highly recommended for beginners and intermediates.


  • Upper and lower pockets can store tuners and picks
  • Zippers do not flare open and work smoothly
  • The gig bag is lightweight and keeps the guitar scratch-proof
  • The material is fully dustproof and partially waterproof


  • Requires extra cushioning for long distance
  • Shoulder straps lack proper cushioning, resulting in exertion

Yamaha CG2-SC Soft Lightweight 1/2 Size Classical Guitar Case

Yamaha CG2-SC Soft Lightweight 1/2 Size Classical Guitar Case

Coming from the house of Yamaha, this soft guitar case sports foam padding. It weighs 2.9 pounds and has shoulder straps. This guitar case can easily hold half size classical guitars while keeping the strings safe against breakage caused due to minor bumps. Alongside reinforced bracing, this gig bag also features polished latches.

It has about 4.5 inches deep neck and bridge to hold the guitar’s headstock, strings, and bridge in place. Lastly, it has a front pocket, secured by a zipper, to store all guitar accessories.


  • Deep neck keeps the strings and tuning pegs secure
  • High-quality zips do not jam even when used frequently
  • Cushioned external pocket to hold thin accessories
  • Cut out on the padding for extra protection


  • Tighter sides can result in scratching
  • Back straps aren’t padded and hurt shoulders

Gator GT-ACOUSTIC-GRY Cases Transit Series Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag


Gator GT-ACOUSTIC-GRY gig has a 20-millimeter thick padding. It provides an internal micro-fleece lining that keeps the guitar’s sides safe from scratching. Moreover, with a rubber tread at the bottom, this guitar case comes with padded adjustable shoulder straps and three-pointer foam padding on the headstock and bridge.

This stunning gig bag by Gator is available in 3 colors – tan, light grey, and charcoal. Lastly, its external material is waterproof and dustproof.


  • Buckle increases the depth of the external pocket
  • Waterproof material protects strings from corrosion
  • Heavily padded to minimize damage caused by bumping
  • Padded back straps provide extra comfort


  • Rivet holding the external handles is weak
  • Top front angled pocket makes the case bulkier

Protec Deluxe Dreadnought Bag Instrument Case


This super affordable guitar case for full-sized dreadnought guitars has an external nylon covering. It also has a 25 mm internal foam padding supported by a soft nylon lining to secure the guitar’s strings and bridge. It has padded backpack straps and 2 spacious external pockets.

In summary, this acoustic guitar case is lightweight, yet capable of holding heavy and expensive guitars. Lastly, the bottom foam is thicker and deeper and made of non-tear fabric.


  • 2 spacious pockets with built-in organizers
  • Heavily cushioned shoulder straps for extra comfort
  • Strong cloth lining to keep the strings safe
  • Thick bottom to support heavy professional guitars


  • The strap is not adjustable to hold smaller guitars in place
  • Zips may begin to jam within 6-7 months
  • Expensive than a few other gig bags with almost similar features

Key Considerations When Buying An Acoustic Guitar Case

There are a lot of brands that keep introducing new and improved acoustic guitar cases in the market. Amid such variety, it is a sure fact that finding a gig bag worth your money is not an easy task.

It is for this reason that one should learn more about the basic features that can distinguish between a worthy acoustic guitar case and a mediocre one. Taking the initiative, we have made a list of some such features that should be your elemental concerns while buying an acoustic guitar case.

  • Dimension And Fitting – The basic purpose of a guitar case is to protect your instrument against damage. In case the case is bigger than the guitar, there’ll be chances that the strings will get damaged. If the case is too tight, the guitar’s body will develop scratches. This is why always consider the dimensions while buying an acoustic guitar case.
  • Padding And Material – Firstly, the external material of the guitar case should be strong enough to absorb shock. Secondly, a good guitar case should have thick foam padding to protect the guitar. In fact, an ideal guitar case is the one that can provide maximum protection to the guitar’s bridge and headstock.
  • Storage Space – A good guitar case should have extra pockets to carry strings, tuners, picks, and other important accessories. Additionally, the pockets should be spacious enough so that the accessories stored do not press against the guitar’s body. Ideally, the pocket should be aligned at the backside, not the front.
  • Travel Distance – Guitar cases are an expensive deal. Thus, instead of going for the fancy ones, stick to the basics. One such factor that can cut down the budget is the travel distance. Buy a heavily padded hardshell guitar case for airport handling. On the other hand, a soft shell guitar case with foam padding is sufficient for short traveling, especially for beginners.
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These are the basic features that should be considered while buying an acoustic guitar case. They not just help in finding a good guitar case with all the necessary features, but also the one within your budget.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, acoustic guitar cases are extremely essential to prolong the life and playability of your instrument. Moreover, specially designed to protect the guitar’s most sensitive parts like strings and headstock, gig bags should also be able to hold the guitar’s weight. Furthermore, on a parting note, a guitar case that’s neither too tight nor too loose is perfect.

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