The 10 Best Digital Pianos

Piano September 22, 2019
digital pianos


The 10 Best Digital Pianos

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digital pianos

Digital pianos are gaining widespread popularity because they are easier to play on a comparison with acoustic pianos and they are usually priced lower than high-end acoustic instruments.

However, since acoustic instruments have ruled the music industry for so long, they are built with utmost precision mostly for the fact that they are used by a lot of professional musicians.

On the brighter side, variety gives customers a chance to find a piano that is closest to their needs. If you too are dealing with this issue, our today’s list is just the right guide that’ll resolve all your troubles revolving around digital musical instruments.

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  1. Best Rated: Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano
  2. Best for Beginners: Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano
  3. Best Under $1000: Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano
  4. Best for Advanced Pianist: Korg SP170s – 88 – Key Digital Piano in Black
  5. Best for Classical Pianists: Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano
  6. Best for Budget: Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

Best Rated Digital Piano Reviewed.

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

  • Produces loud and clear music
  • Perfect action
  • Easy to install

Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano with Bench, Dark Rosewood

  • Records music created by both hands separately at the same time
  • Can produce heavy sound at a low pitch
  • Ivory keys are non-slippery

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

  • 9-Foot piano at 4 dynamic levels
  • Damper pedal can add a number of real-time effects
  • Easy to install and comes with all accessories

Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black

  • Generates clear and noise-free heavy sound at a low pitch
  • Can be used for solo performances
  • Dual headphone jack

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano, Black with Power Supply

  • MIDI connectivity lets the piano play the role of a controller for Apple iPads
  • Display screen that does not pixelate
  • Can record two tracks separately

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

  • Good action
  • Can record up to 17 tracks
  • A low-maintenance digital piano

Best Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are one of the current best things that are making music easier for beginners. Even if you go on record and feel that traditional acoustic instruments sound way better than digital instruments, there’s no harm in trying something new that is almost as rich as acoustic music and has a lot more features to offer.

Our list of Digital Pianoswill not be disappointing since we have incorporated all kinds of digital pianos ranging from budget-friendly to high-end, having simple to complex features. In other words, our list will offer something for every individual.

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano


  • Produces loud and clear music that is almost noise-free
  • Perfect action makes it easier to press the evenly-weighted keys
  • Easy for absolute beginners since it’s quite easy to install
  • Inexpensive for the quality of sound it creates at this price
  • Perfect to record songs and convert them into MP3 format


  • Keys produce a clicking noise when pressed or released
  • Display is slightly pixelated that makes it harder to read the notes
  • D and C notes below the middle C key produce heavy resonance
  • Not a perfect option for band performances

Yamaha DGX650B is a certified grand concert piano. It features auxiliary line input that makes the piano compatible with sources like laptops, computers, internal speakers, and mixers. With a 128 notes polyphony, this digital piano is perfectly capable of producing constant music. It allows layering two voices simultaneously. It has 88-notes and is capable of producing heavier sound at low notes and lighter sound at a high pitch. This digital piano has an output wattage of 10 watts and it weighs 69 pounds.

This instrument by Yamaha can perform a DSP function that lets the sound hang in the air for long, creating the reverberation of true acoustic music. Lastly, it is XG-optimized and compatible with songs from different music styles.

This grand concert digital piano by Yamaha produces a sound that’s fairly close to that produced by acoustic pianos. In fact, it is loaded with a headphone compatibility option. This makes it easy to restrain the music to yourself without affecting the people nearby. However, if you’re willing to use this piano for a professional band performance, you must drop the idea. It produces a resonance that gets quite difficult to manage at high volume. As a result, the music might lose clarity upon mixing with the music created by other instruments.

Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano with Bench, Dark Rosewood


  • Records music created by both hands separately at the same time
  • Can produce heavy sound at a low pitch and lighter sound at a high pitch
  • Navigation between notes is easier since it has a controller app compatible with iOS
  • Ivory keys are non-slippery and the rosewood body is quite strong


  • Quite an expensive and heavy piano, unsuitable while traveling
  • Sliding key cover isn’t durable and the rosewood finish can blemish way too easily
  • Bench legs are fragile that makes this instrument somewhat high-maintenance
  • The headphone jack can malfunction and the keys can start sounding dead if not serviced often

This elegant looking digital piano by Yamaha has 88 keys. It can be upgraded to a higher action piano with more features required for high music level. Which is why this piano is a long-term investment. It has a solid hammer keyboard and the keys are coated with synthetic ivory. It can be used to produce different music styles because it has a CF sound engine that ensures that the sound remains as noise-free as possible. The built-in pedal can control the resonance that helps music hang for long the air, producing the same effect as that by acoustic pianos.

This piano comes with 50 preloaded classic songs that help beginners to practice and learn. Lastly, it weighs 119.7 pounds and has a data capacity of 100 KB/song.

Undoubtedly stylish with simple features, this digital piano could have been priced better. It costs a little over 1000 dollars that makes it unaffordable for some people. Another downside of this piano is that every 3rd key after a set of 2 can start producing unnaturally high and flat sound over a period of time. Which is why, this instrument needs frequent servicing, adding to its already high price. However, if you can pay for its maintenance, this instrument is something that will give you a music as beautiful as that by acoustic pianos.

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano


  • Records sound as loud as that produced by a 9-foot piano at 4 dynamic levels
  • Damper pedal can add a number of real-time effects to the music being played
  • Extremely useful for beginners since it is easy to install and comes with all accessories
  • Tri-sensor pedals are highly responsive and can add real-time effects while playing music


  • Piano shakes when played non-stop at high notes and during navigation between the keys
  • Keys have larger gaps that make shuffling between high and low notes a bit tough
  • The sheets music stand is unadjustable and weak and cannot hold much weight
  • Bass response can slow down over a period of time that calls for the need of frequent servicing

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano has a hammer action keyboard that is capable of producing heavy tones at the lower pitch and lighter tone at a higher pitch. This instrument has 88 keys, featuring ivory and ebony textures. It has an inbuilt stereo speaker system that allows the pianist to record music from both hands, separately. The recorded separate music can then be played simultaneously, re-creating a true acoustic effect. This piano also has dual headphone jacks and a built-in damper pedal.

This instrument weighs 50 pounds and has 3 sensors. Lastly, it is available in two colors, gold, and black.

This is a cost-effective digital piano for beginners in a way that it comes with all the necessary accessories. Moreover, it is portable and the headphone jack is of good quality. However, you cannot rely on this piano as an intermediate at the advanced music level, and certainly not as a professional. Also, the bass response without headphones is not as good as one may expect. Despite these few glitches, this digital piano is a gem for serious learners.

Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black


  • Can generate clear and noise-free heavy sound at a low pitch and low sound at high notes
  • Can be used for solo performances as well as a part of a chorus
  • Dual headphone jack allows two people to listen to the music simultaneously
  • Affordable piano with a hammer action and responsive damper pedal, perfect for beginners


  • Not purposeful for professional stage performers or studio music recordings
  • Keys for F, A and C# notes malfunction and can produce a mild clicking sound
  • Damper pedal is a little shorter than expected and the jack plug isn’t the ideal 1/4th-inch, but mini
  • Eb chord along the middle octave is quite stiff and needs to be pressed down with a lot of force to produce sound

This digital piano by Korg has multiple velocity layers and a movable power switch placed at the rear end of the piano. It also features a volume knob on the front panel. This makes this piano even more playable. It comes with a sound button and a piano play button. The sound button allows the flexibility to choose any one sound from the 10 preset sound options. However, as soon as you switch to the piano play button, the music automatically switches to default piano 1 sound. This piano, with a hammer action keyboard, has the flexibility to switch between reverb and chorus modes.

The Korg SP170s has an inbuilt stereo speaker system with oval-shaped speakers. Lastly, this piano, with 88 keys, weighs just 8.4 pounds and has two headphone jacks.

Korg SP170s is a perfect beginners piano as it is installed with easy-to-use features including the sound button and piano play button. However, despite being a lightweight learning digital piano, some of its keys are too stiff to be pressed with ease. Other than this, this digital piano produces a real acoustic sound that will be liked by maximum.

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano, Black with Power Supply


  • MIDI connectivity lets the piano play the role of a controller for Apple iPads.
  • A bright display screen that does not pixelate or hang, making this piano perfect for beginners
  • Can record two tracks separately and play them at the same time, creating a clear vibrating sound


  • The pedal is not strong and is unable to add multiple sound effects
  • Keys produce a clicking noise when played non-stop and enthusiastically at high notes
  • Piano is heavy and its body can develop scratches and blemishes way too easily

This digital piano has 88 weighted hammer action keys with an ivory and ebony texture. The keys are full-sized with tri-sensors corresponding to the three built-in pedals it comes with. With 256 notes polyphony and a 5-inch display screen, this instrument features Air technology. It also offers class compliant MIDI connectivity. It has a hall simulation option that produces the effects of acoustic pianos even in open surroundings.

This digital piano weighs 96 pounds and has a USB port and a jack plug. Lastly, it comes with 18 preloaded tones and you can use this piano in any mode of music that you like.

This digital piano is a perfect choice for intermediates and it features an easy-to-use volume control knob that makes this piano more playable. It can also be used for professional studio recordings. However, you would want to steer clear of it for the purpose of stage performances. This is primarily because the sustain pedal of this piano is unable to produce vibrations that can hang in the air for long. We would also recommend checking the playability of this piano manually before purchasing it online.

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano


  • Tri-sensor keys have a good action and the sound quality through headphones is stunning
  • Has enough space to record up to 17 tracks and features two headphone jacks
  • A low-maintenance digital piano that can use batteries as a power source alongside a wall adaptor


  • Keys produce a clicking noise at low volume and the internal speakers are not robust
  • Control panel has a poor visibility in dark surroundings, making it less playable
  • Upper notes have an annoying ringing sound and the keys produce a mild buzzing sound at high volume

Casio PX350 digital piano has 88 tri-sensor keys and 250 preloaded tones with 180 onboard rhythms to choose from. The white keys have an Ivory feel and the black keys have an Ebony touch. The keyboard of this digital piano has a hammer action and is further aided by AiR sound source. With a 120 notes polyphony, an auto-harmonize option, and 3.2 MB storage capacity, this instrument also has 180 preloaded drum patterns.

This digital piano has a USB Midi connection port that allows the freedom to pair the piano with Apple computers. It also features 6 tone buttons and 8 rhythm buttons for easy navigation. Lastly, it weighs 14.96 pounds and has 2 onboard pedals to create stunning sound effects.

This digital piano is one of the best-priced professional-quality instruments that give multiple tonal options to choose from and is perfect for band and chorus performances. However, one of its major flaws is that it is quite difficult to boost the individual voice of the piano while playing it on a multi-instrument mode. This is one of the major reasons that a beginner, even intermediates at times, find it difficult to operate and understand the features of this piano.

Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Black


  • On-board tweeters increase the clarity and sustain of music at higher notes at high volume
  • Two built-in 15W amplifiers create high resonance and loud, but balanced and noise-free sound
  • Sound boost option increases the audibility of the piano sound when played with other instruments during stage performances


  • Headphone jack does not support standard size headphones, but the ones with a mini adaptor
  • An onboard speaker needs to be used at the maximum volume in order to create an audible sound as that created by a grand concert piano
  • On/off button is placed too close to the volume slider that may result in a clunking sound while managing the volume

Yamaha P255 digital piano sports a 256 notes polyphony and 88 highly-touch sensitive keys with a protective synthetic top coating. The touchscreen display is an added boost that makes the piano much more playable and easy-to-use. It has inbuilt circular speakers that are capable of noise cancellation and the piano has volume and sound boost options. Additionally, this digital piano by Yamaha has 3 EQ slides, one each for low, mid, and high-range frequencies. It has 1.52 MB capacity that can support up to 10 songs.

This instrument has an onboard 3 pedal system and it weighs 53.4 pounds. It has 24 preloaded voices and 10 rhythms to choose from. Lastly, this Yamaha digital piano can record two tracks separately, at the same time, and play them together to create a true stereo effect.

Straight from the hands of the Yamaha brand, this digital piano has an absolutely flawless finish. Its buttons have just the right width and the keyboard has a stunning action that makes the piano even more suitable for learners. However, one of the biggest downfalls of this piano is that the headphone port does not support standard jacks. You need to separately buy a converter. Also, this is one expensive and high-maintenance piano you wouldn’t want to invest in if you’re just a hobbyist non-serious pianist.

Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers


  • It costs well under 1000$ and creates the same reverb as that by a grand concert piano
  • Keys are non-greasy and the piano is lightweight and portable and can also create complex music styles like jazz
  • A strong body piano with high-quality pedals and easy-to-use features


  • Push buttons are not named according to what features they offer, making the piano less playable for beginners
  • Middle keys do create a mild buzzing noise and the piano shakes when playing intense music
  • Inbuilt speakers do not produce sound as loud as you may expect as a professional

Kawai ES100 digital piano has a perfect hammer action and all the 88 keys it has are highly responsive to touch. This piano has a 192 notes polyphony and it comes with 19 preloaded voices and 12 preloaded songs. It can be used in dual mode as well as the split mode and can be used to record up to 3 songs. This instrument also features a built-in stereo system and is preloaded with 100 drum rhythms. Additionally, it has 2 headphone jacks and is incorporated with Midi jacks that can be used to connect the piano with computes and other instruments.

This digital piano by Kawai weighs 33 pounds and has a satin smooth finish. You can customize your own sound by making additions and omissions to the preloaded tones using the ‘Half Damper Pedaling’ option. Lastly, this 52-inches digital piano features 8 control buttons and 1 volume slider.

This digital piano by Kawai has taken the market by a storm since it offers quality that is as good as high-end instruments at a much lower price. However, the one major drawback of this piano’s structure is the lack of a display screen. It calls for the need to refer to a manual voice control chart in order to understand which button is used for which purpose. This makes switching between tones tougher for them than the pianos with a display screen.

Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano


  • It can run on batteries as well as a power source with the help of a wall adaptor
  • A Value for money digital piano with a strong body, placed well under 300$
  • Keys are not too wide, making it easier for beginners and people with small hands


  • The keyboard does not have a Bluetooth and all the accessories have to be purchased separately
  • Keys are made of plastic and may become greasy under the effect of sweat
  • Keys do produce a rumbling noise at high notes which may intensity further at high volume

This instrument is one of the best learning digital pianos incorporated with semi-weight and non-slippery 88 keys. It has 5 preloaded sounds, one each for piano, electric piano, synth, organ, and bass. You can play all the sounds together and can also play them individually for solo performances. It has onboard high-quality speakers, a reverb button, and a chorus button. Additionally, this instrument has a headphone jack as well as Midi connectors that are used to pair the piano with other instruments for the purpose of mixing music and performing band performances.

This 50-inch digital piano has two RCA jacks, built at the backside of the instrument. It has a 42 notes polyphony and is incorporated with a separate storage media jack and the keyboard is compatible with 6D batteries. Lastly, it weighs 19.5 pounds and has a glossy seamless finish.

Split mode is the true beauty of this digital piano. When used in split mode, this piano produces true stereo effects.  Sounds produced from the left hand and right hand is recorded separately. These separate sounds are then combined as one while playback. We highly recommend this digital piano for every musician serious about learning music.

The ONE Smart Piano, Weighted 88-Key Digital Piano, Grand Graded Hammer-Action Keys Upright Piano-Classic White


  • LED lit keys make the piano a suitable choice for absolute beginners
  • Can produce melodious classical tones as well as intense pop, rock, and jazz music
  • The glossy body doesn’t lose its shine easily and the piano has very simple features


  • Heavyweight and a high-end digital piano that’s not of much professional value
  • Has fragile pedals and the keys produce a clicking noise while playing intense music
  • Built-in speakers cannot produce a sound that’s equally as loud as that of grand pianos and needs amplification

This Apple MFI certified digital piano has 88 weighted keys that are also aided by LED lights. The keyboard has a graded hammer action and the piano has 3-foot pedals. It has a 64 notes polyphony and bidirectional MIDI ports that work as input connectors as well as output connectors. This instrument has more than 128 preloaded tones and simple volume control buttons. Also, it has onboard MP3 speakers and a large music library with over 4000 music sheets and 100+ videos to learn from. It also has a volume control button and a metronome feature.

This piano weighs 121 pounds and has an all-wood strong body. It is compatible with Android devices alongside all Apple phones, tablets, and computers.

This piano is perfect for absolute beginners. All the keys are LED lit. This feature helps armatures and also increases the playability of the piano in darkness. However, as you progress, the features become way too simple and the tier has to be replaced then. This certainly involves extra cost. Hence, you should steer clear of this one even as intermediate as this piano is most beneficial for just beginners for the few initial 8-12 months.

Features To Consider While Buying A Digital Piano

Digital pianos are quite versatile and they offer multiple stunning features like volume control and sound boost. These instruments make the life of a pianist easier by helping in recording true stereo sound. Other than these few additions, digital pianos also come with multiple preset tones, rhythms, harmonics, and sounds. Which is why, a single digital piano can be used to create different music styles. In layman terms, these instruments have no limit of innovating with music and producing one of its kind of music.

Nevertheless, in order to gain the maximum out of the advanced features that digital pianos offer, you must be able to find distinguish between a good and a mediocre instrument. It is necessary to understand that not all the instruments that you see are equally good for you. For the love of music, we have taken this matter into our hands and have made a list of some features, that when considered, will make the task of finding a perfect digital piano easier.

  • Action Of The Keyboard – You wouldn’t want a high-action keyboard as a beginner. In fact, a high-action piano isn’t liked much even by professional pianists. The best choice will always be a graded hammer action keyboard with non-slippery keys. Besides, optimum action will also make finger practicing fun and easier.
  • Response Of The Keys – A piano with sensitive keys that are highly responsive to touch will certainly produce better music. Yet another factor to keep in mind is the weight of the keys. As a beginner, you might have an inclination towards lightweight keys, but with advancement, semi-weighted or weighted keys will be more suitable.
  • Scale Length And Polyphony – Beginners and people with a small profile should buy pianos with a small scale-length. This is because, such people find it difficult to shift fingers swiftly between the keys of a full-size digital piano. Also, learners should stick to 32 notes polyphony pianos since they do not have complicated features. On the other hand, 64 notes polyphony pianos are perfect for intermediates, and professionals can handle anything from 128 to 256 notes polyphony.
  • The number Of Preset Tones – One of the most loved features of digital pianos is that they have multiple preloaded tones. As a beginner, you should focus on a piano with a minimum number of preset tones. This will keep all the confusion and distractions at a bay. As your skills as a pianist will increase, you will be capable of handling multiple tones to create different music styles.
  • Amplifier And Headphone Jack – No matter you’re a beginner or a professional, focus on buying a digital piano that has onboard amplifiers and at least one headphone jack. The headphone will help you in improving your own music and play in silence. On the other hand, built-in amplifiers will make sure that the sound is loud, bold and clearly audible.
  • Storage Memory And Recording Limit – Digital pianos have different storage capacity. Depending upon the storage limit, you can actually record songs. The instruments that will have higher storage capacity will certainly cost more. Thus, it is your budget that should be the deciding feature in this case.

These few features are the basic points of consideration while trying to find a best possible digital piano in your set budget, according to your skill level and profile.

Final Thoughts

Against the popular belief that digital pianos are easier than acoustic pianos, the only truth is that digital pianos have far more advanced features than acoustic pianos. In fact, these many features actually increase the toughness level of digital pianos. In the end, everything circles back to your choice of instrument and understanding of music. As long as you’re a skilled musician, you’ll be able to control the features of this tough digital piano and create variations even from the simplest ones.

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