Best Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitar May 30, 2019
gibson acoustic guitars


Best Gibson Acoustic Guitars

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gibson acoustic guitars

All serious guitarists will certainly agree with the fact that the tonal quality of a guitar does not depend on just one or two features.

Manufacturing a high-quality acoustic guitar is a lot more complicated and time-consuming task than it may seem. Considering the effort that goes into making a perfect guitar, there are various companies that compromise with the quality in order to save time. It is for this reason that you should put your trust in better brands like Gibson.

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Best Rated Gibson Acoustic Guitar Reviewed.

Maestro by Gibson Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar

  • Thin frets and simple features are perfect for beginners
  • Comes with a starter kit with all necessary accessories
  • Inexpensive guitar with a strong body

Maestro by Gibson 30

  • A perfect travel guitar
  • Frets are thin and the fretboard has inlays for helping beginners
  • Inexpensive and lightweight

Gibson J-15 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • Produces clear and balanced mid range tones
  • Easy on soft fingers
  • Rotomatic tuners reduce string tension

Maestro By Gibson - 6-string Full-size Acoustic Guitar

  • Perfect for practicing finger-strumming
  • Kauri tonewood produces crystal-clear warm music
  • Suitable for different music styles

Gibson Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • Comfortable to hold
  • Smooth fretboard
  • Good grip and control

Gibson Guitars are made of high-quality dry tonewoods that give these guitars an edge over many other acoustic guitars in the market. However, the classification yet remains complicated because Gibson itself produces different musical instruments that are enough to confuse customers.

While you can certainly put your trust in this brand, not all Gibson Guitars with being equally good for you. There are a lot of factors that determine if the guitar you’re willing to buy is suitable or not.

In fact, sometimes even the best sounding Gibson Guitars might not work the trick for you. This is why you should actually be focusing on a few key factors that can help you in making a choice between so many options given by Gibson.

Best Gibson Acoustic Guitar Reviewed

A wonderful brand as Gibson has something good to offer to all customers. It’s just a matter of finding a guitar according to your music skills.

We wouldn’t disagree that a pool of Gibson acoustic guitars makes the choice tougher, yet the features we have listed should at least narrow down the perimeter of your search.

Extending the help further, we have actually made a list of 5 best Gibson acoustic guitars that includes high-end as well as budget-friendly guitars. In other words, we have taken care of the needs of almost everyone.

Maestro by Gibson Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar

Maestro by Gibson Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar


  • Thin frets and simple features are perfect for beginners
  • Comes with a starter kit with all necessary accessories
  • Inexpensive guitar with a strong body and thin strings
  • A lightweight portable item that makes fingerpicking easy
  • Smooth fretboard makes finger practicing between notes easy


  • Pressing medium-gauge strings is hard for absolute beginners
  • Not possible to adjust the action according to comfort
  • Strings and body aren’t resistant to sweat and moisture
  • Not ideal for practicing intense music styles like blues

This parlor-sized acoustic guitar by Gibson has a rosewood fingerboard with 21 frets. It has a Kauri back material and a Solid Spruce Top.

With high-quality die-cast tuners and chrome hardware, this guitar weighs 4.5 pounds and even its neck is made of Spruce material. This 6-String 7/8 size Gibson acoustic guitar also features a 23.5-inch scale length.

This instrument has steel-alloy strings with a medium-gauge. Lastly, with a fixed guitar bridge system, this instrument features a seamless body finish.

Maestro by Gibson 30

Maestro by Gibson 30" Mini Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Sunburst


  • A perfect travel guitar for people with small hands and palms
  • Frets are thin and the fretboard has inlays for helping beginners
  • Non-slippery chrome-plated tuners reduce string tension
  • Inexpensive and lightweight with a seamless glossy body
  • Single ply fretboard binding makes it easy to hold the guitar


  • Fixed bridge hampers the freedom to adjust the action
  • Strings are fragile and cannot withstand non-stop strumming

This mini acoustic guitar by Gibson has a 30-inch body with a Maple neck. It features a Rosewood fingerboard with 19 frets. Its back and sides are made of basswood.

With a Spruce Veneer top, the fretboard of this Gibson guitar has a 1-ply binding. It has a 13.5-inch scale length and is embedded with die-cast tuners that are chrome-plated. This 6-string 3/4th size acoustic guitar also features a rounded shoulder design.

This mini-acoustic Gibson guitar further features a slimmer neck and its fretboard has a dotted inlay pattern. Lastly, it has a fixed guitar bridge system, and it weighs 7.75 pounds.

Gibson J-15 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Gibson J-15 Acoustic-Electric Guitar


  • The dovetail joint is held in place with a no-show glue for a flawless stunning finish
  • Low-action guitar with thin strings that are easy on soft fingers
  • MOP inlay makes the guitar easier and more playable for beginners
  • Produces clear and balanced mid range tones and has a good bass response
  • Rotomatic tuners reduce string tension, keeping the guitar in-tune for long


  • Expensive guitar with a heavy body that may cause strain on shoulders
  • Strings and the wood body aren’t waterproof and can corrode and swell

Gibson J-15 is a solid-wood 6-string acoustic-electric guitar with a solid Sitka spruce top. Its back and sides are made of high-quality American Walnut wood.

Whilst the top body of J-15 has a multi-ply binding, its back body displays a 1-ply binding. This acoustic-electric guitar has a two-piece neck, made of Maple tonewood. With a dovetail joint holding both the neck-pieces together, this instrument has a Walnut-made rectangular bridge that features MOP inlays throughout the fingerboard.

With a high-gloss finish and strong rotomatic chrome tuning pegs, this 6-string guitar weighs 19.97 pounds. Lastly, J-15 has traditional style Scalloped Bracing that increases the tonal quality of the guitar.

Maestro By Gibson - 6-string Full-size Acoustic Guitar - Honey Burst

Maestro By Gibson - 6-string Full-size Acoustic Guitar - Honey Burst


  • Compatibility with different strings make this guitar suitable for different music styles
  • Kauri tonewood produces crystal-clear warm music that does not need much amplification
  • Thin metallic strings help in developing callous and are perfect for practicing finger-strumming


  • Not suitable for people with small hands since upper frets are too wide and lower frets are too narrow
  • Fragile strings are unsuitable for intermediate guitarists who prefer to play intense music like blues, jazz or pop

This full-size Gibson Acoustic Guitar has a smooth Rosewood made fretboard. The neck of this guitar displays an ivroid inlay pattern and is made of Maple tonewood.

This 41-inch 6-string acoustic guitar with 20 frets has a laminated spruce top aided with a die-cast tuner that can reduce the tension between the guitar’s neck and the strings. It also features 24 ¾-inch scale length and its back body and sides are made of Kauri tonewood.

This instrument has a flawless high-gloss finish and it incorporates light-gauge metallic strings. Lastly, the metallic strings can be replaced with bronze and other string types as well.

Gibson Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Gibson Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric Guitar


  • Fret-edges are carefully binded that makes it more comfortable to hold the guitar
  • Smooth fretboard keeps fingers safe while jumping from fret-to-fret for variations
  • Non-greasy strings and non-slippery body offer a better grip and control


  • A heavyweight and high-maintenance guitar that costs a fortune
  • Complex features that cannot be handled by armatures and beginners

Doing justice to its name, this high-end acoustic-electric Gibson Guitar can actually sing to produce balanced, noise-free, and loud mid-range tones. With a rosewood fingerboard and single-Scalloped X bracing, this guitar is more than capable of controlling the treble and vibrations produced by the strings.

This instrument has 20 frets and the fingerboard incorporates a mother of pearl inlay pattern and a traditional binding at the edges of all frets. Its back body and sides are of Mahogany tonewood. Additionally, this guitar has a solid Sitka spruce top and chrome tuners.

Gibson Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric Guitar weighs 42.4 pounds and has a high-sheen gloss finish. Lastly, this guitar has a dynamic range that makes it a perfect option for various intense music styles.

Key Considerations When Buying An Acoustic Gibson Guitar

Gibson Brand has built a reputation in producing high-quality acoustic guitars with a dynamic range. Most Gibson guitars are reviewed to have an excellent bass response.

In fact, the acoustic guitars by Gibson can actually increase the sound’s sustain without interfering with the clarity of the music.

All these facts might make you wonder what all Gibson acoustic guitars share similar features. However, this is not true. In fact, this misinterpretation is actually the real reason that sometimes people end up being dissatisfied with the quality of Gibson guitars.

It isn’t the company to blame in this case, instead, the lack of knowledge to be able to distinguish between the features of need is to blame.

Taking into account the amount of displeasure and discomfort that one goes through even when branded items fail to provide satisfaction, we have made a list of features that should be your primary concern while buying Gibson Acoustic Guitars in order to avoid disappointment.

  • Guitar’s Size – It is for a reason that Gibson launches guitars of different sizes. The logic is simple, not all people have the same profile. People with small hands will not find a standard guitar much comfortable for a fact that the guitar wouldn’t fit in their hands and the upper and lower frets will mostly be inaccessible. Thus, buy a guitar that will fit your size. Even celebrities like Ed Sheeran use small-size guitars.
  • Neck Width – Usually, slim neck acoustic guitars are better because the slim neck can easily fit in palms. However, it doesn’t mean that the guitars that are a few inches up and down will sound bad. Just keep in mind that whatever guitar you buy should perfectly sit within your palms. Besides, even the neck type can make a difference. So, no matter you buy a V-neck, U-neck or C-neck guitar, just ensure you can hold it properly.
  • Bridge System – Bridge system is something that you should not compromise with while buying acoustic guitars. The best bargain is to buy an acoustic guitar with a double-adjustable truss rod. However, if your budget limits you, ensure that a guitar with a fixed bridge should at least be compensated with saddle and nuts. Besides, when better in quality, the saddle will hold the strings properly at the base, giving an option to still adjust the action.
  • Quality of Tuners – Avoid buying guitars that are incorporated with cheap plastic tuners. You must keep this in mind more than other if you are a professional performer. Die-cast tuners or rotomatic tuners with chrome hardware are the best. such tuning pegs ensure that the strings do not break in the middle of a performance. Since they can withstand the pressure created by intense strumming, they also keep the guitar in-tune for long.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Gibson is a leading brand. Considering the reputation that this brand has, its instruments are extremely expensive and complex. However, a brand such that Gibson actually takes care of all its customers and keeps coming up with instruments for all music entry levels.

You can easily find high-quality and lesser complex Gibson guitars at low price only if you know what to look for. To sum it up, our reference list has all the cues that will certainly help you in finding a Gibson Guitar that you’ll be able to play, handle and afford.

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