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Best Online Guitar Lessons: Learn How To Play Guitar The Right Way

September 11, 2018


Best Online Guitar Lessons: Learn How To Play Guitar The Right Way

The guitar can be a pleasing instrument to learn to play, and there are many websites that can teach you how to do so. Though having a teacher is still the best way for you to learn the guitar, some people like to learn via the internet. Before we discuss the best sites to learn from, you should first know what makes a guitar website good. Some of these include the following: sustainability, effectiveness, accuracy, efficiency, relevancy, interactivity, organization, and security.

Quick Look at Our Top Pick:

Best Online Guitar Lessons – Top 10 Sites

These online guitar lesson sites have the best to offer to you, and some are even completely free of charge. They have different features that you may be able to use, whether you are a beginner or an expert. These are easy to use and have the latest song chords and tabs that you can memorize or use as exercise. They are ranked from top to bottom, from the most to least helpful sites available.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has taught over 2.8 million students across the globe since 1998 and have won awards as well. You will be able to make music at a fast pace because of its effective teaching system. The Core Learning System allows you to easily follow the lessons you wish to learn on the website. They also offer one-on-one instructor video chats in case you do not get the lesson.



You have the option to select a teacher over 89 instructors who have mastered their specialty in the guitar. There are over 6000 courses that you can learn from this website, varying from beginner to expert levels. This website has a unique progress tracking system that allows you to see how far you’ve come when you first entered the site. You can also win badges from teacher reviews as an incentive whenever you are participating in the site.

Guitar Instructor

Guitar Instructor

You will be able to access this website through a 7-day free tutorial which allows you to assess if this is the best learning site for you. Full access requires a monthly subscription that you can really afford. You will be able to see over 40,000 lessons and talk to 140 instructors on the website. They also have instructional books and DVDs in case you want to take your lessons on the go.

Shred Academy

Shred Academy

This website contains free lessons, varying from levels and content. There are also video tutorials, downloadable, and books available on their website that you can use to improve your skills. Some tools are also available online in case you do not want to download them. There are over 200 topics in the lesson forums that are easy to navigate and view.

Justin Guitar

This website has over 1000 lessons which are completely free, along with the community that allows you to improve your skills. There are video tutorials along with songs that you may use as your daily exercise. The site’s content is also accessible on YouTube and other social media accounts. There are also tools you can use to help you learn faster such as interval ear trainers and tempo calculators.


These offer different kinds of music lessons, which also include guitar. ArtistWorks gives you the option to select your teacher based on the genre you want to master as well. You can choose your subscription fee for either 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on how long you want to learn there. They are mainly concentrated on video exchange learning, which you can access at any time.

Guitar World

Guitar World

You may purchase lessons on this website, and the first lesson is free. All guitar genres are available for anyone looking for one to learn from. You may also be able to access your purchased lessons via a smartphone application. The app itself is free but offers in-app purchases for additional lessons you wish to buy.

Fender Play

There are exercises and a glossary of content for guitar-related lessons in this website. In order to fully access its contents, you have to either use its trial account or purchase an account. This website mimics what you would get from a live instructor in order for you to get the best experience possible. The application also includes video instruction and other features you can explore.



This website is tailored just like a social media site, but for guitar students. Membership for this website never expires, though paid members get more perks than free members. There are also lesson articles that you can read as a visitor on the website. There are ten categories in which you can search for the lesson you need to learn about.

Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar

These are also article-type lessons that you can access in their page. Each lesson is divided into a category which contains articles of that category. They are free to view and require no membership in order to access its full contents. If you wish to learn about equipment, there are reviews about them that you can learn from as well.

Pros and Cons of Online Guitar Lesson

As with any kind of learning style, trying to learn online has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them may apply to you depending on your use of the internet. Listed below are some pros and cons of online lesson sites that you may encounter. These will give you an idea of what you will face when you start taking up lessons online.

  • Quality Teaching – You will be able to experience teaching that runs according to your pace. This is as good as having to be taught by a one-on-one instructor. You may also have the option to search for the best instructor that is compatible for you online, and talk to if they are overseas. This way, you will be able to save money as compared to having to be taught by a poor instructor.
  • Ease of Travel – There may be times where you will want to travel from one place to another while studying. This is possible through the use of online guitar sites because you can access them as long as you have internet. Some may even provide you downloadable stuff that you can use to supplement your learning. This beats having to travel to a place just so you can learn from one teacher.
  • Freedom of Schedule – One of the perks of being able to teach yourself with online materials is that you get to choose when you want to learn. You would not have to reason with another person because you got sick the other day. You may also choose whatever you may learn for the day, instead of having to follow a module. This way, you may create a more effective way of learning the guitar because you are free to go by your own schedule.


  • No Physical Touch – There are times where you may need a helping hand of your instructor or mentor in order for you to learn a technique. This is not possible when you are learning online, even if you are learning through video chats. This is one major limitation of having to learn online, and some people struggle with it. Even with a live demonstration, some may not be able to learn correctly unless they are assisted by hand.
  • Environmental Distractions – Sometimes you may become distracted by the things that revolve around you when you are studying guitar. This is lessened when you are in a classroom environment. However, since you are studying outside a classroom environment, you are not protected from these distractions. Some distractions may even come from the internet itself if you find yourself scrolling at random posts instead of studying.
  • Internet Disconnections – Another great limitation comes from intermittent internet connections which may lead you to become frustrated when you are learning online. If you are not located in a high-speed internet area, then chances are you will experience this type of distraction. There will be times where you are chatting with an instructor only to be cut off because of this. If you are not sure of your internet connection, your best next bet is to go to a café.

What We Look For When Choosing A Good online Guitar Lesson Teacher/Site

  • Sustainability – If you are looking for guitar lesson sites that contain paid subscription, then it should be one you can use for years to come. This also means that you should be able to afford the lessons from the sites you will subscribe to. Paid websites that have these properties are good learning resources because you are still starting out and do not need too much money for lessons. Remember that a website will only teach you so many things, and it is still up to you to learn them.
  • Effectiveness – A good learning site has the ability to reach out to their students and be able to become dynamic in its approach. Even if you may learn from reading texts, sometimes having to learn by other means would make you understand better. This is especially important in music lessons because you are going to play music by ear eventually. If you do not understand what is on the material, no matter how many times you approach the lesson on the website, look elsewhere.
  • Accuracy – Bad guitar lesson sites contain errors and misinformation inside their pages. This is might happen because the author does not do enough research on their material, or is very inexperienced in their field. In either case, you should stay away from those sites because those will not serve its purpose to you. Look for a website that constantly updates itself and if possible, reviewed by other co-authors of the site.
  • Efficiency – You should be able to tell how useful the site’s content is before you even subscribe to the site. Not being able to do so would make for an inefficient investment and could also deceive you in some way. The aims of the website’s page lessons should be set out as clear as possible. It should also include its methods on how it intends to teach you so that you know what to do.
  • Relevancy – A good site must contain all the relevant information that it uses in order to make its lesson. This way, you can do more extensive research in order for you to delve deeper into guitar and learn more music styles. Websites that do not cite their sources nor provide additional reading or exercises is a site to watch out for, especially if they are paid. This is because they are limiting your ability to learn from other sources and thus would limit your abilities to learn more styles.
  • Interactivity – Interaction of the authors and the fellow community of students is key when it comes to beginner musicians. This is because other voices will be able to give you tips and critique on works in order for you to improve on your work. If possible, you should also look for websites that not only contain a community but also various media to learn from. This allows you to learn not only from others but by yourself as well.
  • Organization – Lesson sites should have a certain order when it comes to teaching their students fundamental subjects. This would help in letting you know how far you’ve come as a beginner up to your current skill level. It is also useful to have a website that contains information that is easy to read and navigate. This would let you have more fun in learning the instrument without any unnecessary obstacles and hassle.
  • Security – Good websites are very secure in their connection because they do not wish to endanger their students nor their files in the system. If a lesson website does not contain any good website security, then you should look elsewhere. Trying to pursue lessons from an unsecured website might compromise your online information and could even harm your computer.

Final Thoughts

Not all lesson websites will be able to teach you as good as a live instructor would. Some would not learn as good as live instruction because there are some distractions that may hinder their progress. However, if you are determined enough to learn from this medium, then these websites would be helpful. Note that not every website may cater to your needs, so if you find that none of these sites help, then you may look elsewhere.

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