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5 Best Straps For Acoustic Guitar

November 1, 2018


5 Best Straps For Acoustic Guitar

Guitar straps are particularly important since they keep your valued instrument safe against accidental fall. These are strong accessories that can prolong the life of your guitar and can offer more comfort. When chosen carefully, acoustic guitar straps take off extra weight from your shoulders and make guitars more playable and certainly more comfortable to hold. In fact, it is a good habit to use acoustic guitar straps from the beginning. They help a great deal in learning how to properly hold your instrument.

Best Rated Straps For Acoustic Guitar Reviewed

Guitars are of different types and have different features. A good guitar accessory is the one that perfectly complements the features of your instrument. It holds true for guitar straps too. Keeping in mind all such needs and differences, we have made a list of 5 unique acoustic guitar straps that are a perfect mixture of quality and budget.

Protec Guitar Strap With Leather Ends And Pick Pocket

This acoustic guitar strap by Protec is made of high-quality nylon. Its combination locks are adjustable and resettable, and have a chromatic nickel finish. It is manufactured for acoustic guitars with 2 strap buttons. With non-abrasive and dustproof hardware, this guitar strap has leather ends.

If you’re learning how to play guitar, this inexpensive acoustic guitar strap by Protec is just what you need. Usually recommended for beginners, it isn’t designed to support heavy high-end acoustic guitars. Other than this, this acoustic guitar strap is a value for money option.


  • Fully adjustable nylon straps can hold heavy guitars.
  • Straps do not cut against the neck.
  • Leather ends are durable and do not tear easily.
  • It is multipurpose and can also be used for electric guitars.


  • Deep Pick pocket is a sure disappointment.
  • The strap can slide under the influence of sweat.

Planet Waves Basic Classic Leather Guitar Strap

This high-quality acoustic guitar strap by Planet Waves is made of pure leather. Its length can be adjusted anywhere between 44.4 inches to 53 inches. It is 2.5 inches wide and has a tapered finish that prevents the strap from twisting.

Planet Waves Basic Classic Leather Guitar Strap is strong enough to be used during live stage performances. It supports almost all music styles. However, the shoulder rest doesn’t fall properly over the shoulders if you’re tall. Other than this, it is a premium quality leather strap for acoustic guitars of all kinds.


  • Strong and durable strap with a tapered contouring.
  • Lightweight and soft with adjustable length.
  • Wide strap does not bite and can hold high-end guitars.
  • Non-slippery design makes it perfect for live performances.


  • Mostly unaffordable for beginners.

Dunlop D3809BK Solid Black Strap

This comfortable acoustic guitar strap comes with adjustable buckles and can support heavy guitars. It is 2 inches wide and its length can be adjusted anywhere between 38 inches to 65 inches. This stylish guitar strap sports jacquard woven and poly woven designs.

Dunlop D3809BK Solid Black Strap does what it says. It looks stylish, is durable, and holds all acoustic guitars too well. However, the leather ends of this strap are very stiff. For this reason, we’d recommend that you run a manual check to get the feel of the strap against your fingers and shoulders.


  • Strong and long lasting with adjustable buckles.
  • A durable strap with stylish woven designs.
  • Supports different guitars to produce different music styles.


  • Stiff poly webbing makes it uncomfortable for beginners.
  • Can slide from the shoulders due to sweat.

Levy’s Leathers M8HT-04, 2

This acoustic guitar strap is 2 inches wide and displays a stunning jacquard weave pattern. It can be adjusted up to 54 inches and is available in 17 different colors. This acoustic guitar strap can hold lightweight guitars for blues, jazz and folk music. With a polypropylene backing, this lightweight guitar strap is also available in XL size, 68 inches.

Unlikely of a guitar strap, this strap by Levy’s does emit a foul smell that may linger for first few days. It is strong and sturdy, but the end holes are too tight to be installed easily. However, they loosen up a little over time. Overall, this is a value for money inexpensive acoustic guitar strap for inexpensive guitars.


  • Material is very soft and doesn’t rub against the neck.
  • Eye-popping beautiful colors and neat stitching.
  • A lightweight and a long-lasting adjustable strap.


  • End holes are stiff, troublesome, and uncomfortable.
  • Can slide from shoulders due to excessive sweating.

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap

This vintage style acoustic guitar strap displays a beautiful tweed pattern. It is 2 inches wide and can be adjusted anywhere between 44 inches to 44.9 inches. It has stylish leather ends with a fender logo engraved for a stylish look. With a great finish and neat stitch, this acoustic guitar strap by fender weighs 1.6 ounces.

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Acoustic Guitar Strap is basically designed for beginners and intermediates. It isn’t ideal for high-end guitars. This is because, the ends are too thin to support such guitars. Also, the end holes are stiff. However, this shouldn’t be an issue for beginners because the strap holes lose some rigidity with time.


  • Stylish lightweight strap with strong leather ends.
  • Protect guitars because it does not slide too often.
  • Quite affordable and comfortable for beginners.


  • End holes are stiff that makes installation difficult.
  • Cannot hold high-end guitars for jazz and blues.

Important Features To Consider While Buying Acoustic Guitar Straps

An Acoustic guitar strap is an extra layer of protection for stringed instruments. Nathless, their value doesn’t just limit to being a shield that prolongs a guitar’s life. They are also useful in a number of other ways. For this reason, you should value some features more than some others.

  • Strap Width – A wider strap is naturally more comfortable than a narrow one. Additionally, the lesser the strap slides, the better it is.
  • Strap Material – Other than being strong, the strap material should be as soft as you can possibly afford. Softer material does not dig against the skin.
  • Adjustment Level – An acoustic guitar strap that can be shortened and lengthened at will is far better. Such a strap is also valuable in the long run as you gain height.
  • Strap Ends – Ideal guitar straps should have flexible end holes for easy installation. Though, even if stiff, the leather ends should be strong enough to support the weight of your instrument.
  • Strap Strength – Not all acoustic guitar straps are equally strong. Thus, always choose a strap that can support the weight of your instrument.
  • Strap Length – Almost all good quality guitar straps have an adjustable length. However, you should still buy the one that’s closest to your profile in order to avoid future disappointment.
  • Your Budget – If you have a low budget, you should buy nylon made guitar straps. In case your budget is higher, you should buy leather straps. Even cotton straps are a good option.
  • Protection And Comfort – You should always buy padded straps for high-end guitars. These straps are comfortable and quite strong. Additionally, they slide less that offers more protection.

Final Thoughts

Guitar straps aren’t just a styling accessory. Instead, they are necessities. They are important for performers as well as learners. However, despite the variety, some straps are more useful than some others. This is because, the usefulness of a guitar strap depends upon your requirements. Hence, our list of 5 best acoustic guitar straps will certainly help you in the long run.

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