Best Guitaleles

June 25, 2019 Ukulele 0 Comments

A guitalele is a hybrid of guitar and ukulele, which is “a ¼ size” guitar and a crossover between a traditional guitar and a baritone or tenor ukulele....

Best Soprano Ukuleles

September 23, 2018 Ukulele 0 Comments

The soprano ukulele is the traditional ukulele that people often refer to as the standard. This is because initially, all ukuleles were soprano sized. Additionally, the soprano is...


Best Ukulele Brands

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When it comes to choosing a ukulele with perfect tone, projection, and volume, it more or less, boils down to the brand. Recently, there has been a great...


Best Ukulele Books

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Beginner ukulele players will always find ukulele books to be very helpful as they go along their musical journey. Good ukulele books include all sorts of topics that...


Best Tenor Ukuleles

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Tenor ukuleles are sized 26 inches, which can be converted to 66 centimeters. The sound from this musical instrument is deeper than that of other ukuleles. The sound...

Best Ukulele Gig Bags

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Gig bags help protect musical instruments without being too heavy to carry around. A good gig bag should have properties such as durability, practicality, made of high-quality material...


Best Ukulele Tuners

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Ukulele tuners are some of the most helpful tools that you can have to help maintain your instrument’s tune. Some people may not require tuner devices because they...

Best Kala Ukuleles

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Kala is one of the most popular brands of ukuleles out in the market today, and certainly one of the most purchased as well. You will find that...

Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars

Best Lanikai Ukuleles

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Lanikai ukuleles specialize in 8 kinds of ukuleles by type. Along with it, they also make accessories that make the brand pop. Over time, Lanikai has been in...