Uke Like the Pros Review

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Uke Like the Pros Review

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Maybe you’re brand-new to the ukulele, or perhaps you’re a fairly advanced beginner searching for online ukulele lessons. Either way, you’ve arrived here – and we’re about to give you the full scoop on Uke Like the Pros.

We’ve spent loads of time browsing the free areas and checking out the blog, we’ve purchased the courses, and we’ve gotten in on some of the challenges that Uke Like the Pros site creator and instructor Terry Carter offers on a regular basis.

Our full review of Uke Like the Pros covers everything from price to lesson options, plus we’re providing a quick comparison between Uke Like the Pros and some other popular ukulele lesson sites. Enjoy!

Uke Like the Pros
Uke Like the Pros
Overall Score
  • Clear instructional path for beginning and intermediate players
  • Weekly Q&As included
  • Plenty of content for advanced players
  • Not the cheapest option
  • Clear instructional path for beginning and intermediate players
  • Weekly Q&As included
  • Plenty of content for advanced players
  • Not the cheapest option
Lessons Available
Instructors & Teaching Methods
Trial Period
Unique Features
Customer Feedback
Refund Policy

Uke Like the Pros: Worth It or Not?

Whether you stick to the free content (there is tons of it!) or get a little deeper with some of the paid courses, you’ll probably agree with our opinion: Uke Like the Pros is definitely worth the (minor) investment.

Pro instructor Terry Carter has more than 25 years of experience with a variety of instruments but ukulele, guitalele, and guitar are his favorites.

Terry has taught music at UC San Diego and other colleges, plus he is a recording artist with an impressive bio. His instruction style is fun and laid back – at the same time, he’s informative and professional. Whether you just watch videos or interact in the weekly Q&A sessions, you’re likely to enjoy your time.

We are impressed with the content at Uke Like the Pros and we think you’ll appreciate it, too. All of the videos are professionally produced, and there are tons of extras including fun challenges for members, ukulele giveaways, and a whole lot more.

At the very least, you’ll want to go explore the free areas, check out the Uke Like the Pros YouTube channel, and see what’s on tap. We set out to review Uke Like the Pros and even though we’ve finished looking through the content, we keep coming back for more. We think you’ll like it just as much as we do!

How we tested Uke Like the Pros:

  • We purchased the full membership
  • We played our way through all of the courses
  • We participated in Terry’s weekly Q&A sessions
  • We tried a few challenges
  • We read the blog
  • We shopped in the online store

Quick Tour: What Courses / Lessons does Uke Like the Pros Offer?

At Uke Like the Pros, you’ll find a little something for just about everyone. You can pick and choose a la carte courses or you can sign up for a monthly or annual membership that gives you access to all the courses Uke Like the Pros has to offer. We’ll get into the membership options in the next part of our review – for now, here’s a quick tour of Uke Like the Pros.

Like most sites offering online ukulele lessons, this one places a strong focus on helping beginners get off to a great start. That’s not all, though – Uke Like the Pros emphasizes continued learning. The site is well-built, attractive, and easy to navigate. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been playing for a while, you’ll notice that it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for.

Let’s start at the beginning, with the free ukulele fundamentals course. It’s for absolute beginners who need to learn how to hold and tune a ukulele, and learn ukulele chords, it’s also designed to provide new players with a solid foundation for future learning.

Anyone can try Uke Like the Pros for free.

Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp

After you’ve gotten your feet wet with the free ukulele lessons, you might want to dig a little deeper with the beginning ukulele bootcamp. This course was listed at $20 when we signed up (it’s normally $47) and like the rest of the courses, it’s included in Uke Like the Pros memberships.

The course covers all the most important ukulele chords, strum patterns, and more in 25 HD videos that can be watched online or downloaded in case you’re learning at a location that doesn’t have internet access.

Ten Uke Like the Pros ukulele lesson packs.

Master the Ukulele 1 and Master the Ukulele 2

Master the Ukulele 1 takes beginners through strum patterns and fingerpicking, plus it covers quite a few popular songs. By the end of this course, you’ll be an intermediate ukulele player, ready to progress with Master the Ukulele 2. If you’re already an intermediate player and you aren’t sure where to start, this might be the ideal course for you as it covers a variety of music styles ranging from pop to reggae, country to blues, and beyond.

Beginning Baritone Ukulele Bootcamp

In case you’re learning baritone ukulele, Uke Like the Pros offers a beginning baritone ukulele bootcamp with 35 videos, printable sheet music, and backing tracks for all the lessons. Participants also receive a baritone ukulele workbook in the mail.

Music Reading Course

If you need to learn how to read ukulele music, Uke Like the Pros has a course for that, too. This is a great course for any player from beginner on up. There are 45+ videos in the course, plus printable sheet music to learn from and a combination of fast and slow backing tracks. This course teaches you how to read music without having to hunt for TABs. This course is ideal for those who want to learn to play music with others, as it goes far beyond just chords, tab, and songs. When you sign up for this course, you also receive a copy of The Uke Like the Pros music reading book in the mail.

Other Courses: Guitarlele, Fingerstyle Ukulele, and More

Uke Like the Pros adds new content frequently. When we signed up, we got access to all of the fundamentals, plus the fingerstyle ukulele mastery course, the guitarlele for ukulele and guitar players course, and the weekly Q & A sessions in the Uke Like the Pros forum.

Terry goes a few steps further by offering frequent challenges that are accessible to everyone including those with a free membership. Other extras include live sessions on YouTube and Instagram (accessible to everyone) and occasional ukulele giveaways.

A quick peek inside the courses:

Inside a song lesson at Uke Like the Pros.

All course videos are shot in HD, with backing tracks to make playing more fun and provide you with an introduction to playing along with others. When you choose a lesson from the list, you’ll see a complete menu that includes:

  • The main lesson video
  • A backing track you can play separately
  • A download area with sheet music and the backing track
  • Quick links to other lessons in the same course
  • A comment area with notes from others who tried the lesson, plus a comment box where you can add your own thoughts
Uke Like the Pros ukulele lessons feature closeup shots with chord diagrams and music.

The videos include TAB, notation, and chords on screen, plus close-up footage that makes it easier to follow along.

After watching, you can mark your lesson complete or leave it incomplete as a reminder to return for more practice.

All of the courses at Uke Like the Pros are yours to keep after you’ve signed up. This makes it easier to learn at your own pace, plus you can repeat and/or loop them as needed.

How Much Does It Cost?

While we always advise our readers to support local music teachers, it isn’t always possible to find a ukulele instructor in your area. In addition, the cost of face to face lessons really adds up (again, do treat yourself to in-person ukulele lessons if that’s financially feasible for you!)

Uke Like the Pros isn’t the most expensive online ukulele course we’ve found, nor is it the cheapest. Even so, the cost of individual courses and Uke Like the Pros memberships is very affordable compared with the cost of in-person lessons.

Uke Like the Pros often has fun, free extras available for visitors.

Promotions are often available. Last time we visited, there were free Q&A sessions and a free 21-song challenge.

Uke Like the Pros membership levels and prices when we signed up.

While pricing is always subject to change, here’s what Uke Like the Pros cost when we signed up:

Membership LevelStandard MembershipPremium Membership (Monthly Payment)Premium Membership (Annual Payment)
Price$12.99/month$19.95/month$16/ month ($188 per year)


The annual membership offers the best value. All courses come with a money-back guarantee, and you can cancel anytime for any reason.

One-time Payment Courses

In case you’re not ready for a regular membership, you can purchase courses one at a time as you need them. It’s worth noting that all of these courses are included with monthly and annual premium memberships.

These online ukulele lesson packs can be purchased separately.


Course Title

Number of Lessons

A la Carte Course Price

Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp25$20.00
Master the Ukulele 128$67.00
Master the Ukulele 226$67.00
Fingerstyle Ukulele Mastery (this course includes access to the 15-Day Fingerstyle Challenge Course)31$127.00
15-Day Fingerstyle Challenge Course15$47.00
Baritone Ukulele Boot Camp35$77.00
Music Reading45+$57.00
23 Ultimate Chord Progressions40+$97.00
Guitarlele for Ukulele & Guitar Players35+$89.00

How to Sign Up

Signing up for Uke Like the Pros is simple, and there are a couple of different ways to do it. You can try a free membership by clicking the “Try it Free” button and submitting your details.

Uke Like the Pros signup page

If you’re brand new to the ukulele and you’d like to start at the very beginning, just enter your name and email address to access the free Ukulele Fundamentals course. Be sure to check your email since links to the course material will be sent to your inbox.

How to access free ukulele lessons online from Uke Like the Pros

If you’d like to join the forum, simply enter your details.

Get tips, hints and participate in Q&A sessions in the forum.

How Does Uke Like the Pros Match Up Against Other Sites?

A search for online ukulele lessons yields quite a few options – some of them amazing, quite a few of them average, and a couple of them not-so-great. Here’s a quick look at how Uke Like the Pros compares with other top sites for ukulele lessons.

SiteUke Like the ProsUkulele BuddyUkulele TricksUkulele UndergroundTake Lessons
Free Content?YesNoYesYesSome teachers offer a free first lesson
Interact with Instructor?YesNoNoYesYes
Feature-rich experience?YesNoYesYesNo
Price Range:

(All prices are subject to change)

Free to $19.95 / month, many a la carte lesson packs and lower priced membership levels$67 for everythingFree to $97Free to $159.95/year, lower-priced membership option & lower-cost lesson packs$15 – $80 per lesson, either online or in person
Money-back guarantee?YesYesYesYesNo
Best for:Beginner – AdvancedBeginnersBeginner – AdvancedBeginner – AdvancedBeginner – Advanced


In case you’re on the fence, be sure to check out our in-depth comparison between Uke Like the Pros and Ukulele Buddy. It’s designed to provide you with insight into two very different methods of learning, so you can move forward from a well-informed place.

Final Thoughts

We’re impressed and we think you will be, too! Uke Like the Pros is definitely worth a look.

  • Easy navigation
  • Clear instructional path for beginning and intermediate players
  • Plenty of content for advanced players
  • Many techniques to try
  • Unique courses for learning baritone ukulele and guitarlele
  • Variety of pricing options
  • Loads of free content

Since there is so much content available at the “free” level, it’s very easy to get a feel for Terry’s instruction style. The ever-changing menu of challenges, free mini courses, and other “goodies” set Uke Like the Pros apart while ensuring that you’ll always have something new to work on when the time comes. It’s easily one of the most interactive ukulele lesson sites around.

Ukulele lessons aren’t “one size fits all.” Now that you’ve read our in-depth review of Uke Like the Pros, it’s time to form your own opinion! Check it out and see if you like what you find.


Does Uke Like the Pros have a money-back guarantee?

Yes – there’s a money back guarantee on all of the courses.

Can I cancel my membership if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime you feel like it.

Is Uke Like the Pros good for beginners?

Yes, in fact there’s a ton of content for beginners beginning with a free course to help you learn the basics.

Is Uke Like the Pros expensive compared to other sites?

No, it’s right in the middle of the road – cheaper than some and a little more expensive than others – all in all, we feel like it offers an excellent value. If you aren’t ready to invest, you can still visit anytime and access a ton of useful content for free.

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