The 50 Best Violin Songs of All Time

March 19, 2020


The 50 Best Violin Songs of All Time

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Learning the violin takes passion and time. Unlike what most people think, you really do not need a fancy violin to start. Overall, your violin shoulld be in good enough condition to enable smooth practice.

A serious learner should set a time frame of at least six-months for learning the complexities of a violin. A violinist must be able to read musical notes.

If you know how to read music, learning the violin will be much easier. Persistence is key. The best way to learn to play is by using common violin songs that will brush-up your skills.

Top 50 Violin Songs of All Time

This list of 50 violin songs below will enhance a beginner’s skill. Practice makes perfect when it comes to playing the violin. So, firstly, listen to the song, watch the song videos, and then practice your fingering positions.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is a famous English Lullaby by Jane Taylor. It is an interesting nursery rhyme with five stanzas in the key of C major. You can play it slow or fast based on the mood of the listener or player.

Amazing Grace

This is the most sung Christian hymn around the world by John Newton. It speaks of God’s saving grace and love for mankind. It is one of the simplest songs to learn for the violin.

This Little Light of Mine

This is a children’s gospel song by Harry Dixon Loes. Its main theme is to encourage people to shine their light wherever they are. Moreover, it also teaches never to deviate. People often score it on D major and is a delight for beginners to easily learn.

Be Thou My Vision

This violin song is an awesome Ireland traditional hymn popular among English-speaking churches around the world. Also, this is a slow hymn that enables a violin player to learn at a calm pace.

Morning Has Broken

This is a popular Christian hymn from 1931 and set to traditional Scottish Gaelic tune. It is preferable on keys C and D of the violin and best suits beginners.

Little Brown Jug

TheLittle Brown Jug’ is a drinking folk song in the early 20th century. It is by Joseph Winner in 1869. This American song is very easy for beginners to practice with.

Minuet by Bach

Minuet is an impressive classical music composed by a great composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. Having French origin, this social dance is for two people. Also, to master the music, beginners need to practice this song very slowly at first.


This violin concerto is a wonderful love song by Rafael de Leon about Mary Anne. The writer planned to marry Mary Anne and wrote about the sort of life they would live if they were to marry.

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

This beautiful piece is popular in Western culture as a Scottish folk song. This music is great for its harmonies, melody and three-quarter waltz time. Many people sang it for hundreds of years and is quite easy to learn.

Oh Susanna

This is a minstrel song by Stephen Foster who was born in 1826 and died in 1864. The writer tells Susanna not to cry for him as he passes through different phases of life. It is among the most popular American songs. Moreover, it blends together a variety of musical instruments that make it unique.

When the Saints Go Marching In

Made popular by Louis Armstrong, this song is a Black spiritual song referred to as “The Saints.” It is also a church hymn.

Cielito Lindo

A sweet love Mexican song became popular in 1882 by Quirino Mendoza Cortes. Roughly translated, Cielito Lindo means ‘Lovely Sweet one’. Also, Mariachi bands often play this beautiful song. It has many versions, all of which are easy for violin beginners to play.

Hava Naguila

Having its origin as a Christian hymn, this Jewish song is usually sung at Jewish celebrations. Moreover, it is conceivably the first modern Israel folk song in the Hebrew language.

Sloop John B

This song tells the story of a son and grandfather without funds to return home after spending the night out drinking. Also, they began asking for money from a ship captain and his crew.

Irish Washer Woman

This is an Irish traditional jig. It is typically an instrumental. Moreover, it repeats its refrain several times, gradually increasing in tempo before coming to a sudden stop. Also, it tells of a woman in service to her country that drank a lot and fell off the ship.

Wedding March

This warm song was composed for weddings. It is usually played at Christian weddings in many Western countries. Moreover, many people use this piece as a professional or recessional marching song.

Brahms Lullaby

Johannes Brahms, a tireless perfectionist, composed this wonderful piece. It is a song for soothing babies when crying, or whenever they are fussy.

House of the Rising Sun

The song is about a family gone wrong in New Orleans. It admonishes parents and children to avoid the same fate.

El Condor Pasa

The song is based on traditional Andean music. It is so popular that many people see it as the second national anthem of Peru. Moreover, the poem describes the life of the Andean Condor which is a bird belonging to the vulture family.

Minuet in G

This dance music is fantastic during the Baroque period. Bach presents this song to his second wife, Anna as a gift.

Wabash Cannonball

This is a song written by an American about a fictional train. Additionally, it is among the most played among violinists.

San Francisco Bay Blues

This is a famous American folk song by Jesse Fuller. It is a heart-wrenching love song, hoping to rekindle a love once shared.

God Bless the Child

This song was born from an argument by Billie Holliday (the author) and her mother over money. In the course of the argument, her mother said the line “God bless the child that’s got his own.” Holiday turned that line into a starting point for a song.

The Bourree

This is a ballet French song called the “French clog dance.” You should play it in E minor and it is by Johann Sebastian Bach. Additionally, it has a quick but smooth tempo and was originally a dance song.

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

This violin song is by Jimmy Cox in 1923. The song reflects the fickle nature of wealth and human. A tale of a one-time millionaire whom his friends deserted when he became broke.

Tennessee Waltz

The song tells of the person that introduces his sweetheart to a friend at a party.

Fur Elise

This is a romantic German song for a lady called Therese (nicknamed Elise). Beethoven wanted to marry Therese in 1810. Overall it is a popular piece of music.

William Tell Overture

This is a horse racing competition song. It recounts the pet-name of each racing horse and the enthusiasm the writer experiences while watching the race with Feitlebaum emerging the winner.

Theme from Ode to Joy

This violin song was composed in 1824 by Beethoven. It is an also uplifting Christian wedding processional or recessional marching song.

Cool Blues

This is a great composition for beginner violinists by David Bruce. Violin beginners have been playing this simple blues tune on F# minor since it was composed in 2013.

For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

This is an awesome popular beginner violin song. Also, it has a sounding pitch in D major. It is a traditional congratulatory song with a lively tempo.

The Midnight Special

This is a great song to learn on the violin that originates among prisoners in South America. It is a country blues song that talks about prison life and doing the right things.

La Bamba

This is a wonderful Mexican folk song for violin beginners. Also, it has a lively tune mostly for dramatic purpose. Moreover, it is a fantastic Mexican dance song.

Li’l Liza Jane

This is an interesting love song by Ada De Lachau. Moreover, it is excellent for beginners of the violin.

London Bridge is Falling Down

This is popular as children’s rhyme and singing game. It is a slow song that is easy to learn on the violin.

Bach’s Chaconne

Hero worship and the love affair is the main theme of this poem. It tells of the disappointment we experience when we find our heroes are flawed.

Over the Rainbow

This is a superb ballad for the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ by Harold Arlen. The song was published at a time when the Jews in Europe faced antagonism. Also, it conveys the message of hope for a better future while passing through hard times.

A Whole New World

This romantic song was the theme to Disney’s movie Aladdin. ‘A Whole New World’ describes a confined princess that sees a life of freedom and later falling in love.

Another One Bites the Dust

This song was inspired after the writer, Queen, saw a documentary on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Moreover, it describes a wronged man walking down the street carrying a machine gun. The man shoots and sings of being wronged by a person before firing bullets and people hitting the dust.

Best Day of My Life

This song is about having a dream and holding on to it no matter what. It is about being optimistic about the future. It is also about not fretting over how the day will unravel.

Rolling in the Deep

This is an impressive classic song written by Adele. It is a break-up song. She expresses her pain for being cheated on by her boyfriend. She wrote of how she and her boyfriend could have had it all and looked out for each other if he had stayed with her.

Let It Go

This rock song features the widely watched Disney animated film Frozen. It is all about letting go of everything that has been holding you down.

All of Me

This is a unique love song ever composed. By John Legend, it is all about how every relationship has its issues and can be overcome.

Brown Eyed Girl

It is a love song about an old love between a boy and a girl. Moreover, the songwriter, Van Morrison looks back on his love for a girl. Later, he meets her again to see she is grown.

Maggie May

This song is by Rod Stewart and inspired by Maggie. It is about an older whom he met when he was sixteen. According to the poem, she used him to drive away loneliness while not treating him fairly deflowering him.

What Child is This

This is an excellent song to practice playing with two flats. Also, remember to use your fourth finger on the A string to play the high Eb’s.

Free Bird

The slow tempo of this rock ballad by Lynyrd Skynyrd makes violin easy to learn. The song tells of a man, leaving his girlfriend because he needs to change location. He drifts from one location to another because he is a free bird.

Friends in Low Places

This song theme is all about the writer’s friends not being the cream of society. The writer crashed his ex-girlfriend’s wedding to a rich man. Moreover, he believed she left him because of his financial capabilities. In the end, it is a great classical song to learn.

Wide Open Places

This is the perfect low tempo song to practice on the violin. By Susan Gibson, the song encourages listeners to boldly take a step to fulfill their dreams. She encourages this despite the rocks life throws at them on the way.

What Hurts the Most

The theme of this song is love and it is by Rascal Flatts. The song tells of the pain of walking away from a girlfriend due to misunderstanding. Also, he wonders what could have been of their love.

Final Thoughts

In summary, putting the necessary effort into developing violin skills enhances your chances to master the violin. Regardless of your skill, learning to play these violin songs will excite both you and your listeners. However, keep in mind that in the beginning, you will not sound like the violins in movies soundtracks. So, do not try to compete with someone else but work at your own pace diligently.

After a while, at a certain point, record and listen to your own violin play. You also have to watch yourself play in a mirror to adjust your posture and expressions. In the end, use the songs above to enhance your skills with the violin songs.

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