The 5 Best Native American Flutes

April 2, 2020


The 5 Best Native American Flutes

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There is nothing quite like an authentic Native American flute in terms of sound, quality, and craftsmanship.

Besides the exquisite notes which are easily produced on these instruments, this is one of the best flutes for beginners who want an instrument that is fairly easy to play even without a ton of practicing.

Don’t get us wrong – the more you play and the more you learn in terms of technique, the more soulful and beautiful your music will be. But having a simple, well-made instrument puts you on the road to success, so you’re far less likely to give up and stop playing. Let’s take a closer look.

What is the best Native American flute?

Since the Native American flute comes in different sizes, different tunings, and a few different configurations other than the traditional straight style, it’s difficult to say exactly what makes any specific flute the “best.”

Still, there are certain things that we always look for when choosing instruments – all have to do with quality, which is directly related to your level of enjoyment!

In deciding which Native American flutes to include in our detailed reviews, we were careful to pay attention to the following features:

  • Overall quality of the instrument
  • Maker’s reputation
  • Materials used
  • Proper tuning
  • Playability
  • Quality of tone and purity of sound

If you will be playing your flute at pow wows or other gatherings, you’ll be glad to discover that each option here is considered to be a professional flute.

These flutes aren’t toys, however they do offer easy playability for newer players, along with moderate pricing. At the same time, four out of five of of our choices are handcrafted in the Native American tradition, by Native American craftspeople.

Best Native American Flutes Review:

Spirit Flutes Low D Native American Flute

  • Offering a sweet, mellow sound
  • Good for beginners
  • Made with real leather

Stellar Basic Native American Style Flute, Key of A

  • Affordabile
  • Real leather tie
  • Beautiful, simple appearance

Professional Low D Native American Flute

  • Real leather tie
  • Stunning appearance
  • Natural cherry wood

Spirit Flutes Solid Lacewood Key of Low B Native American Flute

  • Flute is hand-carved and hand-finished
  • Real leather tie
  • Made with solid lacewood

Spirit Flutes Bass Key of C Native American Flute

  • This flute is made with aromatic cedar
  • Real leather tie
  • Hand-rubbed finish

The sound of your flute is a matter of personal choice. If you prefer the higher, airier sound (closer to the soprano register) then you’ll want a slimmer, smaller flute.

Larger, longer, wider flutes produce deeper notes. If you are not sure about tuning, you’ll find that there is quite a bit of good advice out there – we recommend speaking with someone knowledgeable if at all possible, or listening to different flutes being sampled online.

Five Best Native American Flutes

Spirit Flutes Low D Native American Flute – Best for players with small hands (199)


  • Natural red cedar wood
  • Hand-carved wood ornament
  • Real leather tie
  • Key of D
  • Deep, clear sound
  • Professionally tuned
  • Authentic handmade Cherokee flute
  • Bags and stands available by request from seller

Offering a sweet, mellow sound, this cedar wood Cherokee flute is handmade – and it shows in the instrument’s exquisite craftsmanship. A hand-carved wood totem and real leather ties adorn the upper portion of the flute, lending plenty of unique character to its appearance.

This flute has been hand-tuned to low D. It is super-sensitive; even newer players who are still learning how to control their breath will find it easy to obtain just the right amount of volume. Its stunning, sweet tone comes naturally, bringing melodies to life.

Spirit Flutes builds this model specifically for players with small hands

Stellar Basic Native American Style Flute, Key of A – Best value for beginners?


  • Natural cedar heartwood
  • Real leather tie
  • Key of A
  • Light, mellow sound
  • Beautiful, simple appearance
  • Concert-quality 440 tuning
  • Carrying / storage bag and instruction book included

Designed to bring affordability and quality together, this natural heartwood cedar flute is tuned to the key of A. The sound is light, bright, and airy – stunning on its own or when played alongside others.

At the same time, it’s important to note that you’ll be better off with a key of D flute if you prefer deeper, richer tones.

Hand-milled and lathed, this flute is sealed inside and out to prevent the cracking that can occur with overexposure to moisture. It is packaged in a soft polar fleece carrying bag with a drawstring top, and an introductory instruction booklet is included.

Professional Low D Native American Flute


  • Natural cherry wood
  • Hand-carved eagle ornament
  • Detailed inlays on sides
  • Real leather tie
  • Key of D
  • Rich, deep sound
  • Hand-tuned
  • Handmade by member of the Cherokee Nation

Beautiful details give this Native American flute a stunning, stand-out appearance.

It is adorned with a carved eagle’s head and an authentic leather tie that contrast ever so slightly with the natural cherry wood used in the instrument’s body, and is finished with beautifully detailed inlays.

Tuned to the key of D, this flute offers a rich, resonant, low tone that’s incredibly peaceful.

This full-size Native American flute is more than 24 inches long, yet it is wonderfully responsive; you need very little air to produce a gorgeous, sustained tone.

The cherrywood produces a somewhat crisper tone than you’ll get from cedar – this is something you might notice when playing faster songs.

It is handmade in the USA, by a member of the Cherokee Nation, and is protected by a clear finish that protects the wood while showing off its unique character.

Spirit Flutes Solid Lacewood Key of Low B Native American Flute – Most Unique Sounding Flute


  • Natural lacewood
  • Hand-carved wood eagle totem
  • Real leather tie
  • Inlaid carved details on sides
  • Key of B
  • Deep, low tone
  • Professionally tuned
  • Handmade body
  • Polished hand-rubbed finish

Deep, mysterious tones make this solid lacewood flute stand out, sound-wise; it’s a completely different sound than you might be expecting, which is something that experienced players and collectors are sure to appreciate!

At the same time, you need very little lung power to enjoy a full-bodied response from this professional-level instrument.

This stunning Native American flute is 27 inches long. It is hand-tuned to the key of B, and the lacewood lends a touch of airy, mellow softness to the notes.

Beautifully adorned with inlaid, carved details that show just a hint of contrasting color, this flute features an eagle fetish and an authentic leather tie. This flute is hand-carved and hand-finished

Spirit Flutes Bass Key of C Native American Flute – Best Native American Bass Flute


  • Natural aromatic cedar wood
  • Hand-carved wood ornament
  • Real leather tie
  • Key of C
  • Bass tuning for a low, resonant sound
  • Professionally tuned
  • Completely handcrafted by a member of the Cherokee Nation
  • Hand-rubbed finish

Want to enjoy a completely unique experience? Have a touch more lung power than what’s needed for playing a standard Native American flute?

If so, this bass flute may be the ideal addition to your collection. It’s an octave lower than a standard C tuned Native American flute, which makes it wonderful to play with a companion. Of course this low C flute it is absolutely exquisite all by itself!

This flute is made with aromatic cedar and is protected by a hand-rubbed finish. Inlaid contrasting trim adds interest to the sides, while a hand-carved eagle totem secured with a natural leather tie contributes to the appearance and rich sound this flute produces.

Final Thoughts

While the best Native American flutes are priced a bit higher than “toy” versions, they offer the correct intonation, incredible volume, control, and sweetness.

Native American Flutes)Of course, these flutes are not as ornate as custom handcrafted instruments, which are created specifically for experienced players, and which are often priced at several hundred or even over a thousand dollars depending on the materials used as well as the artisanal touches. Certainly if price is no object, a custom Native American flute might be the best option!

Besides choosing the best Native American flute for your taste and your budget, we recommend purchasing an instruction book such as Understanding the Gift, which will help you get a good start with your flute and provide you with a sound understanding of what your new instrument is capable of.

That’s it! While the Native American flute is an incredibly easy instrument to learn, there’s endless opportunity for growth – and a lifetime of enjoyment ahead.

Since age 3, Anne has had a passion for music. Piano may be her first love, but she enjoys singing, too! She plays a few different instruments and can sometimes be found strumming a ukulele, mandolin, or guitar for the fun of it.
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