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Best Ukulele Lessons For Beginners – Learn How to Play Ukulele The Right Way

June 5, 2019


Best Ukulele Lessons For Beginners – Learn How to Play Ukulele The Right Way

Ukulele lessons are beneficial for people who wish to learn more beyond the classroom.

For some people, the internet is the one way for them to learn new tricks and playing styles such as fingerpicking and Campanella.

Before we head on to discussing these, you should first learn what makes them good sites too from so that you can choose the best.

Some of them include informative properties, accuracy, variety, user-friendly, effectivity, relevancy, tools, and community.

Quick Look at Our Top Picks:

Best Rated Online Ukulele Music Lessons Reviewed

Most of the websites that are here are very secure sites that contain only the best information possible, and some are completely free. They are references from other websites to help further enhance players’ experiences in their musical journey. They are listed with the least helpful at the bottom and the most at the top. The basis of this judgment is from the popularity of the websites and the frequency of users and/or visitors.



This website allows you to view different chords that you may use in your song exercises. It also has a chord namer option page that allows you to build different chords to your liking. There is also a scales page that you can view in this website that you can listen to so you can differentiate their tones and play them. Unlike other ukulele websites, this also includes a ukulele arpeggios page that you can view and play on the fretboard.

Uke Like The Pros

Uke Like The Pros

It is authored by Terry Carters, a ukulele player, and multi-instrumentalist. You have two options of membership to get all access to the courses of this site, monthly and yearly membership. Lessons include video boot camp courses, mastering ukulele video courses, and workshops. You also get to have the option to cancel anytime and still keep the complimentary t-shirt they give.



UkuGuides has informative articles that you can use as a basic ukulele player or as a refresher. There are guides and tips where you can find original content to learn from. It also has a community where you can join in clubs to get the best out of your instrument. UkuGuides also has tools that you can use in order for you to improve on your skills as a player.

Uke School


Uke School offers the basics on how to play the ukulele along with other articles on playing styles such as fingerpicking. The website’s contents are completely free but you can support them through donations. These lessons have been on the internet since 2004 and have been running up until now. There are also some interesting article titles that seem irrelevant but are actually not, such as My Dog Has Fleas.

The Ukulele Way

The Ukulele Way

This website is mostly accessible to members of the site, but has a free tour for those interested in learning there. The free things that are offered on the site besides the free tour are the chords and charts that you can learn from. The Ukulele Way’s members can access videos, song sheets, and music tracks that are produced by the website. Its members can also interact with others in order to constantly improve their content and meet other members for gigs and jams.


live uke

It is authored by one person who is also a musician and has been teaching the students for more than ten years. It contains varied content from basic instructions on how to play the instrument to song sheets and tabs. LiveUkulele is a blog site that contains many kinds of content that users can access for free. There are also reviews for ukulele equipment that people can use as a reference when buying a certain product.

Ukulele Tricks

Brett McQueen , founder of Uke Like The Pros is a talented ukuleleist, guitarist, and songwriter. He’ll teach you how to How to properly tune, hold, and strum your ukulele and so much more. With over 8,000 happy students Brett courses is defiantly worth checking out. He also has a free section for Ukulele lessons you can try out before for no charge.



Ukulele Tabs also has a member’s page where they can access all of the content of the site. Membership is free on this website, so you can join the community and contribute without having to pay, unlike other websites. There are forums where they can discuss the lessons and tabs that they wish to change in the site. It also has a contest where you can win a ukulele by submitting ten tabs as per the rules.

Ukulele Chordfinder

Ukulele Chordfinder is a website that can help you look for new chords for composing a song and the like. It is a page that you can easily interact with, and it is similar to a game-like software. This page is completely run by donations, and as such is completely free. There is also a help page in case you do not know how to use the software on the screen.



This website teaches you how to play folk songs on the ukulele, along with other instruments. This site includes instructional videos and chord dictionaries that you can learn from when you visit it. The latest trend, clawhammering, has its own tutorial and tab so that you can jump in its lessons immediately. You can follow their social media links at the bottom of the page, which can give you updates on the site’s lessons.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Ukulele Music Lesson Site

There are many ukulele music lesson sites out there that are popping up every minute or so. Some of them contain more information than others with regards to teaching the ukulele. While others contain paid subscriptions and some are free, the best ones should contain some similar properties that make them good avenues of instruction. Here are some things to consider when you choose a ukulele music lesson site.

  • Informative Properties – It is impossible for you to learn from a site that contains a few lessons for you to take. A site that has few and vague information regarding their instructions in teaching ukuleles is a site to avoid. This is because you are looking for complete and useful content to incorporate into your practices. Paid or not, it should contain all the lessons you are looking for regardless of your skill level. If a website contains vast information about the things you need to learn from, then it is a good site to choose from.
  • Accuracy – A site that contains nothing but errors in its chords and exercise sheets is also something you should watch out for. A good music lesson site contains the latest information possible that you can digest properly. There is nothing wrong with teaching classic songs, but if there is a new innovation spreading the site should teach it as well. This will help you give yourself a head start in learning a new genre of the song to play.
  • Variety – Good lesson sites should also contain a variety of media for you to use in case you do not get the lesson in one medium. This may include videos, song sheets, MP3 files and live chat lessons, which may or may not be free. Not all websites also contain lessons for all skill levels, so one that has all is a keeper. This way, you have various exercises to use as you go along and learn more from the site.
  • User-Friendly – A good website should be easy to navigate and has clear content that is easily readable. A website that contains text all over the place is somehow hard to use and can potentially put off a student from learning altogether. This property is especially important for kids and aging players who cannot read the text as clearly like young adults. It should also be organized because music sheets are hard enough to read, so orderliness should make it easier at least. Content should also be consistent in its organization to make browsing a breeze to do.
  • Secure – Sometimes you will stumble upon a website that contains good information but you are prevented to do so for security reasons. A good music lesson site is very secure when it comes to taking information about the student. As much as possible, it should contain no viruses or malware that can potentially destroy the user’s computer. This is mandatory for all websites nowadays because computers are considered essential tools of instruction that sometimes contains sensitive information. If a website is not secure, you should stay away from it immediately and protect your computer upon leaving.
  • Effectivity – One of the main reasons that make a good music lesson website is that it knows how to reach to its students. This contains a blend of the other previously mentioned points and the overall teaching style of the author of the website. A good website is one that is flexible enough so it can be used by players of all skill levels. Such an example of this is an adjustable song tablature and chord sheet. Authors of the website should be able to know how to adjust to the dynamics of the skill level of their audience.
  • Interactivity – Sites, where the author is known to share their genuine interest with their students, is a site to visit frequently. This is because some of you may not simply be able to know how to learn from methods of instruction and would benefit from a human touch. Some of these sites include exclusive one-on-one lessons for a certain song, while others give additional content. Depending on their approach, what is important is that the music lesson site is not another source to just read and scroll away from.
  • Relevancy – All the best websites should have relevant information in their pages and should stay relevant at all costs. If there is any irrelevant content on their website, it should be random advertisements at the sides of the page. Some content that is still somehow relevant reviews but should remain in a separate category from the website. If a ukulele music website starts to talk about the piano in its newer posts, then best stay away.
  • Improvement – Not all ukulele music lesson websites that are deemed the best have been like that for years. They were also stuck in their bad lessons and pages full of errors in their infancy. What makes a good website is their ability to improve their content. This way, you are getting the best out of the best information possible online.
  • Tools – A good ukulele lesson website also has tools that you can use in order for you to get the best out of your instrument. Most of the time, not all ukulele lesson websites will have this, but it is a plus. Applications software such as tuners, chord names, and metronomes can help you get in track with your song exercises. This way, you will be able to learn faster and become a better musician with these.
  • Community – It is better to learn for some people in groups, and some ukulele lesson sites offer memberships for that reason. Though whether or not it is free is dependent on the things that make it worth the buy, it is often very helpful. Having someone to talk to in order to critique your work is a good way for you to learn the ukulele faster. Also, a community will be able to answer questions that you may have when playing the ukulele.

Final Thoughts

One of the things that may hinder you from using these websites is that some of them are not free to use. If you can afford their fees, then you may choose to take up their complementary lessons that are accessed by paid members. If not, then you can look for other resources that do not require you to pay them for more lessons. Some of them are also listed here, but you may choose to look for other music lesson websites if you wish.

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