The 20 Best Ukulele Blogs

July 6, 2020


The 20 Best Ukulele Blogs

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The internet is very helpful in terms of having to connect people and get information. People who have an interest in ukuleles have ukulele blogs that contain useful information.

Top 20 Best Ukulele Blogs

The best ukulele blogs contain information that is useful and accurate. These blogs have been ranked by the criteria from top to bottom. These are only a reflection of what we deem as the best according to people’s opinions.

1. Uke Hunt

Uke Hunt features books and lessons for you to follow. Some lesson posts feature MP3 songs you can strum to. The featured lessons here are from beginner to intermediate level.

2. Doctor Uke

Doctor Uke’s blog is mostly about songs along with chords. There are beginner exercises for you to follow too. The site also features events of The Glastonbury Ukulele Club. Doctor Uke is a dermatologist and a ukulele musician.

3. Live Ukulele

Live Ukulele’s blog provides ukulele-related lessons for you to follow. This blog is by the ukulele musician Brad Bordessa. Unlike other blogs, all content on this site is free.

4. Got A Ukulele

This blog contains reviews, chords and tabs, videos and more. The blog has over 14 million page views since 2008. It is constantly updating itself to improve its content weekly. It also has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel.

5. Uke4U

Uke4U features apps that you can use for your convenience. There are also play along and tutorial posts in the blog. Some also feature books and guest posts about ukulele-related things. They have a Facebook and Google+ account you can follow.

6. Ukester Brown

This is a personal blog that belongs to Ukester Brown. He features song sheets and YouTube videos for “forgotten songs”. Moreover, he also has links to schools you can learn from.

7. UKEnomics

They feature reviews, tabs and chords, and tips for beginners. There is also a shop for those willing to buy. UKEnomics features other blogs as references. Blog comments can be seen after every review.

8. Duke of Uke

The blog contains reviews, songs, and updates for ukulele events. There are picks for the latest things in their shop. It also features different brands of ukuleles for their review articles. Their blog is also shareable on other social media platforms.

9. Uke Like the Pros

Their website has video tutorials in their blog posts. The difficulty of the tutorials ranges from easy to hard. They also offer memberships and courses for a cheap price.

10. Ukulele Tricks

Ukulele Tricks focuses mainly on beginner tutorials than expert tricks. They offer both free and paid courses on the blog. It is based on the book “Ukulele Exercises for Dummies”. The book and the blog are by Brett McQueen.

11. Oz Bcoz – Home of Jim’s Ukulele Songbook

This is a blog website that transcribes Jim’s Ukulele Songbook. It is constantly improving its interface to give accurate transcriptions. The transcribed songs are available for people to view anytime.

12. Ukulele Go!

Most of the bulk of the blog is about lessons. They also have e-books for you to learn from, too. Their lessons are aimed at all levels of ukulele players. For $57, you may get video lessons from their blog.

13. Cool Cat Ukes

This blog has been around for about three years already. It has articles, music, reviews, and interviews that are ukulele-related. There are also resources in the site you can use. It is a relatively simple site to navigate as well.

14. Uke Nut

This website has pages that you can share on Facebook. The website has reviews, links, gear, a shop, and resources. The author can also respond to your comments as well.

15. Ukulele 4 Kids

This page has an exclusive members-only content zone as well. However, you may still navigate the site for free lessons. It has an interface usable by kids. Their pages also have instructional videos for you to view.

16. Play Ukulele by Ear

This website teaches you to play without using music sheets. They offer free lessons on ukulele ear training as well. There are workshops listed on the web page for your convenience. Its site is easy to navigate because of its interface.

17. Ukulele Underground

They offer ukulele lessons on YouTube. They also have podcasts aside from post entries and videos. Ukulele Underground started in 2008 and is still in operation. They have a merchandise store where you can buy strings.

18. Love My Ukulele

There is a club on the blog with several perks. It contains updates for the latest projects of the community. Some of their entries contain affiliate links to member websites.

19. Ukulele Secrets

Ukulele Secrets has a YouTube Channel for lessons as well. The web page has been running for approximately 3 years. It has about 669 followers that signed up for updates. It offers lessons for Campanella, fingerstyle plucking, and other styles.

20. Flea Plucker

This website has been running since April 2015 to present. Flea Plucer moved its domain one time to Weebly. It contains reviews and opinions on various topics regarding ukuleles. The “Ukulele Lady of Southern California” runs the Flea Plucker.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Ukulele Blog

Ukulele blogs often contain vast information about ukuleles that you can find on the internet. They have tutorials and methods on playing ukuleles to more complex lessons that only experts can follow. Here are some factors that make a ukulele blog a good one to read and follow.

  • Usefulness – A good ukulele blog has useful content that relates to ukuleles, such as song sheets and visual-audio lessons. The more a blog has, the better. It is better if a ukulele blog is easy to navigate as well because it makes searching for information easier. Not only that, a good blog should contain words that are easy to read so that anyone can understand.
  • Up to Date – Ukulele blogs must have the latest information available, or at least should update frequently. This is because information from the past might contain errors. This would damage the credibility of the site. A good blog should update at least monthly. A blog that has not been updated for years is a one that you might want to reconsider visiting, especially if the information is outdated.
  • Originality – Originality is key when it comes to blogs because this will allow the readers to take a genuine interest in the site. Just like books, if a blog has original information, it will stand out from the rest. Of course, when you use references, citations should be used.
  • Accuracy – A good blog is not only frequent in updating the information that is inside its pages, but is also accurate. A song sheet ukulele blog that contains the wrong chords and tabs is a blog to avoid as you will learn nothing but wrong things from it. You should look for blogs that contain updates that correct wrong information in its pages so you know it is constantly improving. You may also check for accuracy for good measure if you cross-reference with other blogs.
  • Comments and Shares – One good indicator of a good blog is if people leave comments that are useful. If people love the content of the blog, then they will leave positive feedback to give support for it. Also, it shows that people are interacting with the website. If the blog has a share button, then you will see how many people have shared the topic. The more shares and positive comments you see, the better the quality of the blog.

Final Thoughts

Though ukulele blogs mostly contain information that should help you, sometimes they still lack a few things you may need. They are only guides as to what you should learn as a player and should not replace a mentor or teacher.

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