The 10 Best Drum Websites and Blogs

Drums August 10, 2020
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The 10 Best Drum Websites and Blogs

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Being a musician doesn’t have to be a lonely existence, with an entire internet out there, there are new communities being built every single day.

In today’s day and age, you have the ability to connect, learn and even inform an entire world of people just with the touch of a button. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 drumming websites and blogs, to help you connect with those other lonely musicians around you.

1. Free Drum Lessons

This site offers anyone with access to the internet instructional drum lessons, describing itself as “a library of video drum lessons” this website certainly offers a unique drum learning experience.

  • Options – This site offers their customers countless videos, ranging from beginner lessons to genre specific lessons. It is any drummers one stop shop for quality and quantity filled drumming lessons.
  • Free – Although not everything on this site is free, there is a free series offer, allowing even those who can’t afford the fee access to some instructional videos. Furthermore, there is a 7 day free trial for full site access as well.

2. Drummer Café

Drummer café is a unique website which connects drummers from all around the world. Moreover, this site offers online drum lessons, product reviews and even drumming related news, staying true to their slogan “Education. Entertainment. Excellence.”

  • News – Whether it be job opportunities, drummer obituaries or even just relevant articles, this site covers everything drumming related. Moreover, this site holds relevant information to anyone important to the drumming world, back to those long dead, original successful drummers.
  • Classes – For less than 3 dollars a month, you can access a sea of content to help you improve your drumming skills. Whether it be instructional videos or articles explaining nuances, this low price holds great value for any aspiring musicians.

3. Kind Beats

Kind Beats site is run by drummer Andrew Mcauley, he, being a drummer himself, updates the site with relevant articles, product reviews, drum lessons and drum loops. Furthermore, given that Mcauley plays 6 different instruments, he has the unique ability to give advice and direction to beginner drummers.

  • Free Lessons – This site has countless options for different free drum lesson videos. Ranging from introductory videos to technique improving videos, this site will surely help any drummer looking for some videos to help them with their playing.
  • News – Kind Beats keeps their site updated with relevant news for all drummers. Whether it be community building gatherings, product reviews or product recommendations, their site is always updated and helpful.

4. Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer is a magazine that also manages to update and sustain an online forum and website. The website offers lessons, educational videos for drummers and product and gear reviews and recommendations.

  • Spotlights – This website will feature a different famous drummer every few days, offering the readers a chance at understanding and recognizing this communities roots and origins.
  • Performance Videos – If ever you are looking for some awesome inspiration, or just a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon, Modern drummer features on their site some awesome performance videos.

5. Drummer Gear Review

Just as the name of the site implies, this site specializes in reviewing drumming gear. Very simply, the site will list the gear that they have reviewed and allow the reader to explore as they will.

  • Unbiased Reviews – Drummer Gear Review does their best to try and ensure that the reviews they give remain as unbiased as possible.
  • Variety – This site offers a variety of options, allowing the reader to decide for themselves what they feel will best fit into their image.

6. Drum Lessons

This website offers drummers more than just the run of the mill video drum lesson. Drum Lessons offers the modern drum payer play along songs, tutorials, history and fun tips and tricks for modern time drum playing.

  • Start Free – before committing to a subscription, Drum Lessons allows you to start out free. Your free Practice Routine Generator will allow you a sneak peek at all the amazing things the subscription can buy you.
  • Variety – No two drummers are exactly the same, therefore, it is important that there be a variety of video options so that anyone could find the help they need. Drum Lessons offers that, with countless videos in different experience ranges and genres.

7. Drummer World

Drummer world was created by Bernhard Castiglioni 25 years ago, in order to allow younger generation drummers connect with those master drummers from the past.

  • Forum – This site features a drumming forum, in order to connect between drummers from all around the world. This forum allows for you to ask question, learn new tricks and connect with others in the drumming community.
  • Videos – Drummer World features drumming videos from every genre and famous payer. So whether you’re looking to connect to your musical roots or hoping for some musical inspiration this site serves as a one stop shop.

8. Play Drums Now

All of the content on play drums now is innovative and unique, moreover, this site pushes musicians to set goals and learn through them. It is a unique way of teaching and learning for any aspiring drummers out there looking to learn a little differently.

  • Free Lessons – Most of the content on Play Drums Now is accessed for free, allowing virtually anyone with internet access the ability to learn the drums.
  • Connection – In order to create a sense of connection, the creator of the website shares his drumming thoughts and ideas on a unique forum. This allows the players to connect and through that create their own sense of innovation.

9. Not So Modern Drummer

Not So Modern Drummer is specially designed for those who want to connect to their drumming past. This site specializes in reviewing, selling and writing about purely vintage products.

  • Custom Drums – This site offers you the ability to create your own custom vintage drums. Contact the site and they will assist you with designing your unique artistic instrument.
  • Buy Sell Trade – Not So Modern Drummer wants your old drums. They want you to buy, sell or trade your old instruments and keep the vintage cycle going.

10. Music Radar

Music Radar is any musicians one-stop-shop website, with reviews, tutorials, and news on countless instruments.

  • Experts – Music Radar has a team of experts that work on creating tutorials and reviews, ensuring you that you’re always getting the best advice.
  • News – Whether it be the passing of a famous musician, or a shocking sale on drums and accessories, Music radar will have it covered. All the most relevant music related news found on one website.

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