Top 10 Violin Blogs

October 20, 2020


Top 10 Violin Blogs

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The violin is a stringed instrument that produces a sound that is both warm and pleasurable. People favor the violin because they are versatile, delicate, and quite challenging to learn.

Violinists need a community where they can share ideas and get updated on news in the violin industry. A blog/site is one of those communities.

A blog is an online informational site that displays information on different topics. Violinists use this platform to discuss on violin-related issues and products.

These blogs have different contents that may interest different users. Some of these contents may include learning to play the violin, learning to make the violin, interviews, product reviews, and news.

These contents can reach more people across the world when put on a blog/site.

Here are some of the best violin blogs/sites.

1. The


This blog is one of the most loved violin blogs or sites. Founded by a professional violinist, Laurie Niles, this blog has registered over 26,000 violinists.

Information of interest to violin enthusiasts all over the world are posted on this site. There are over 26,000 violinists registered on this site.

News, reviews and interviews thread well here. Anyone can visit the site and go through these threads. However, visitors will have to register to post comments on this site.

Information submitted to this site has to be edited and approved by the founder. There is also room for sponsorship through advertisements.

Be up-to-date on violin events, organizations, schools and everything that has to do with violins by becoming a member of this site. Being a member also connects you to violin professionals and lovers worldwide.

2. The Violin

The Violin

This blog is written by a violinist who identifies herself simply as Steph. She brings into this blog site the warmth of a mother, wife, teacher, and music advocate.

Her passion for violin is apparently her motivation for starting this informative blog. Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to write articles, post videos, drop tips and general advice on the violin world.

With 26 years of violin experience, Steph sees violin as her ‘thing’. She sells products linked to Amazon on this very interactive blog to generate income.

This mother of five therefore encourages visitors with questions to go through questions she has already answered to avoid repetition. To actively participate on this site, one has to register as a member.

She loves to hear from her followers and encourages lots of activity on the site.

3. Plucky Violin Teacher

Plucky Violin Teacher

This blog is founded by a violin geek named Brecklyn Ferrin based in Farminton, Utah. She combines her Suzuki violin obsession with being a wife, mother of two boys, and a teacher of Sukuzi Early Childhood Education.

This brave woman took the decision to return to teaching violin during Postpartum. For her, this blog was created to inspire her and her students to try new things.

The story behind the creation of Plucky is an inspiring and enlightening one. She posts contents for Suzuki parents and students.

Brecklyn also has a weekly newsletter she sends by email to interested students that includes a summary of the blog content.

4. Michael Darnton Violin Maker

Michael Darnton Violin Maker

This blog is written by Chicago-based Michael Darnton. He makes beautiful violins, restores old or damaged ones, writes on violins, and teaches formally and informally about violin making.

As an avid member of the violin making industry, Darnton started this blog out of his passion for sharing his knowledge with others. The articles he wrote for newspaper columns can be found in the ‘Big Red Books’ series of the Guild of American Luthiers Journal website.

On this blog, Darnton shares a lot of knowledge on different topics related to violins using mostly words and images. Different components of the violin, experiences in his rental program, new technologies, repairs and maintenance of different types of violins.

He is practical yet friendly in his writings. There are a lot of benefits to being a member of this blog/site.

5. The Strad

The Strad 

Launched in 1890 as a magazine, The Strad has been the best place for information of string instrumentalists. As a blog site, members are kept in the loop on latest news in the music industry.

Debates, job offers, reviews, string courses, galleries and Lutherie are some of the packages offered by this blog. Registration is free.

Subscription is required to get access to major interviews, advances in research, Masterclasses and annotated sheet music. Join them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email or YouTube for free.

6. The ViolinSchool

The ViolinSchool was founded in 2010 by Simon Hewitt Jones who is very passionate about teaching. Their mission is “to help anyone, anywhere achieve whatever they want to with their violin-playing”.

They specialize in teaching violin and music creatively. With their brilliant open-ended teaching philosophy, they give interested students a great start.

This blog helps violinists achieve their aim in violin-playing. They also offer a free online course for beginners.

7. Red Desert Violin – RDV

This violin blog is to help violin players improve their playing. Lora, the guide on this blog, is readily available to put violin enthusiasts through learning courses.

This violin learning blog gives tips and learning materials to members. The emphasis is on Suzuki playing and students are taught through online videos. Membership on this site is free.

However, members have to pay to upgrade their membership after about 6 months. This blog has many testimonials to attest to their quality of teaching.

8.  Natesviolin

Founded by Nathan, an experienced violinist, teacher, author, husband and father of three. He offers a lot of tips on how to be a very good violin player.

A free practice guide is available for new members. Members are encouraged to fill a form in order to get free articles, videos, newsletters and practice tips through email.

On the blog are articles and tips meant to improve playing skills. This blog is linked to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

9. Insights Blog


Powered by Violin Systems, Insights Blog is a great option for violinists and violin enthusiasts.

This blog offers latest information on technology trends, products, businesses and lots of other categories. Subscription will require an email address where notifications will be sent on either weekly or monthly basis.

Articles range from issues related to violin software, products, and systems. The site is patronized by several customers for its high-tech violin products.

Articles read on this blog can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Mail.

10.  Violin Adventures

 Mariko Barra, is the founder of this award-winning blog. She started learning on her own at the age of 30 through YouTube videos, violin books and forums.

This very informal blog is meant to encourage beginners of all ages who visit her blog. Through the ‘My Violin Diary’, she shares her experiences and learning process with her audience.

She tells beautiful violin stories about herself and other violinists. Inspired by her ability to learn to play the violin on her own, she has a lot to share with her teeming followers.

Barra is still learning to play different styles and is still sharing her daily experiences. Visitors are encouraged to send her mails and share experiences on their social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

The violin is one of the most pleasant instruments one can listen to the world over. A blog is a platform for writers to share their views on different subject matters.

Violinists and violin enthusiasts have started creating blogs as a modern way of reaching out to a wider audience.

Through this medium, they can share experiences that will improve the lives of other violinists as well as encourage new ones.

We hope that you will visit the blogs/sites reviewed above and most likely become an active member. There is a lot out there for violinists and violin fans to learn.

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