Ukulele Buddy Review

Ukulele April 28, 2020


Ukulele Buddy Review

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Looking for quick ukulele lessons that will have you playing simple songs in about a week’s time? Ukulele Buddy might be exactly what you’re looking for. We purchased the course and played along to bring you this in-depth review of Ukulele Buddy, which is easily one of the most popular online ukulele lesson sites around.

Ready? Let’s take a closer look at what Uke Buddy has to offer.

Ukulele Buddy: Worth It or Not?

Ukulele Buddy
Ukulele Buddy
Ukulele Buddy
Overall Score
  • Affordable
  • Simple to follow
  • The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly
  • Videos aren’t the sharpest
  • Affordable
  • Simple to follow
  • The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly
  • Videos aren’t the sharpest
Lessons Available
Instructors & Teaching Methods
Trial Period
Pricing & Refund Policy
Unique Features

Ukulele Buddy is designed with beginners in mind. Maybe you already know a few chords, and perhaps you’ve strummed along to a few YouTube videos, yet you’re looking for something more structured. This is where Ukulele Buddy comes in.

The lessons are taught by two professional music teachers: JP Allen and Mitch Chang. Both have impressive resumes and both have fun personalities that make these lessons enjoyable. JP often plays his harmonica while Mitch plays the ukulele. This unique combination brings even more fun to the lessons.

Ukulele Buddy’s lessons are short, easy to digest, and always there when you need them. The entire pack is yours to keep for the cost of just a few in-person lessons, so you can go back and refer to them whenever you’d like to.

The videos are older, but the instruction method is easy to follow and the closeup camera angles are helpful. If you’re a complete beginner who is into simplicity, then you’ll probably find that Ukulele Buddy is a good investment. Play along, practice a few times per week for a few minutes per session, and you’ll soon notice ah improvement.

How we tested Ukulele Buddy:

  • We purchased the lessons
  • We played along and learned just like a beginning ukulele player would
  • We read the bonus booklets
  • We played the songs in the printable bonus songbooks

What Courses / Lessons does Uke Buddy Offer?

Ukulele Buddy takes a very simple, streamlined approach to ukulele lessons for beginners. There is no menu to choose from, just one single purchase that gives you access to all 72 lessons.

The Lessons:

Each lesson features a short video, with the average lesson time being around seven minutes. The first two lessons introduce you to the ukulele. By the time you reach the third video, you’ll be playing your first chord.

Inside a Ukulele Buddy lesson.

Mitch and JP use a simple white board to illustrate concepts and provide you with a good visual aid. During the first portion of some lessons, you’ll simply listen and during the second half, you’ll start playing along when you’re ready.

There are lots of close-up shots to show you exactly where your fingers should be as you’re learning and playing along. We recommend using full screen mode for the best possible view.

A closeup shot of JP Allen teaching a ukulele lesson online.

After learning chords, you’ll move into easy two chord progressions, which are introduced as fun song-style jams. We really like this concept and we recommend practicing a lot – these jams are a great way to build muscle memory and prepare for more in-depth songs. You’ll also get lots of practical advice along the way!

JP Allen and Mitch Chang teach a lesson online at Ukulele Buddy.

The next few lessons ease you into playing a simple song that just about everyone knows: The Hokey Pokey!

After you’ve learned this and a few other easy songs, you’ll move onto more complicated chords and learn some important techniques. You’ll also get started with some reggae grooves.

Once you’ve got those down, you’ll take a shallow dive into the blues. The rest of the lessons give you a taste for additional techniques including transposition and song writing, and they focus on several popular songs including easy (but fun!) tunes like Wild Thing, Louie Louie, Brown Eyed Girl, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Each lesson starts at a very slow pace and you gradually build speed until you’re comfortably playing along.

There are some nice extras that come with the course.

When we signed up, we got the following printable bonus materials including music e-books:

  • Ukulele Buddy play along schedule
  • The Best Strumming Lesson…Period
  • Advanced Strumming Techniques
  • The “Big Three Chords” and why you need to know them
  • The secret to instantly increasing your chord vocabulary
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 1
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 2
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 3
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 4
  • Ukulele Festival Favorites
  • Uke Chord Chart

We also received a link to an online metronome.

Some of the bonus materials that come with Ukulele Buddy lessons.

How Much Does It Cost?

The entire Ukulele Buddy lesson pack cost $67 when we purchased it.

Ukulele Buddy order screen.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is simple. Once you’ve arrived at Ukulele Buddy, scroll to the bottom of the home page. You’ll be able to order in a single click using the payment method of your choice.

Ukulele Buddy home page.

You’ll be directed straight to the lessons, so you can start right away. The main lesson page includes the video player with all of the lessons in an easy-to-navigate menu, plus helpful hints for getting the player to work properly. All of the bonus materials are found at the bottom of the lesson page.

Ukulele Buddy’s lessons menu opens automatically when you sign up or sign in.

In case these lessons aren’t quite right for you, there’s a full 60-day money back guarantee.

The 60-day money back guarantee at Ukulele Buddy.

How Does Ukulele Buddy Match Up Against Other Sites?

There are tons of beginner-friendly ukulele lessons out there and Ukulele Buddy is a good choice for anyone who wants something very simple. It’s designed for beginners; after you’ve strummed your way through all of the lessons, you’ll want to find another resource. Here’s a quick look at how Ukulele Buddy stacks up next to other top ukulele lessons sites.

SiteUkulele BuddyUke Like the ProsUkulele TricksUkulele UndergroundTake Lessons
Free Content?NoYesYesYesSome teachers offer a free first lesson
Interact with Instructor?NoYesNoYesYes
Feature-rich experience?NoYesYesYesNo
Price Range:

(All prices are subject to change)

$67 for everything


Free to $19.95 / month, many a la carte lesson packs and lower priced membership levelsFree to $97Free to $159.95/year, lower-priced membership option & lower-cost lesson packs$15 – $80 per lesson, either online or in person
Money-back guarantee?YesYesYesYesNo
Best for:BeginnersBeginner – AdvancedBeginner – AdvancedBeginner – AdvancedBeginner – Advanced

If you’re still undecided, be sure to take a few minutes checking out our detailed comparison between Ukulele Buddy and Uke Like the Pros. These are two of the most popular online ukulele lesson sites by far, and the fact that they take significantly different approaches to learning can help you decide what will work best for you.

Final Thoughts

Ukulele Buddy offers a solid, affordable alternative to traditional ukulele lessons. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly. While the videos aren’t the sharpest, the content is what really matters most.

If you start at the beginning, stick with your practice schedule, and enjoy learning ukulele at your own pace, you’ll be miles ahead of where you are now, and ready to move on to the next level. The course is yours to log in to whenever you like – it never expires, so you can return if you ever get out of practice.

All in all, we think Ukulele Buddy is worth the price. Check it out and form your own opinion!


Does Ukulele Buddy have a money-back guarantee?

Yes – there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

Is there a free trial?

No, but you can get your money back if you try the lessons and find that they aren’t right for you.

Is Ukulele Buddy good for beginners?

Yes, it’s designed with beginners in mind.

Is Ukulele Buddy expensive compared to other sites?

No, it’s less than a dollar per lesson. If you go to Take Lessons, Lesson Face, or another one-on-one site, or if you get lessons locally, you’ll pay anywhere between $15 and $80 per lesson depending on the local marketplace and the instructor’s credentials.

Since age 3, Anne has had a passion for music. Piano may be her first love, but she enjoys singing, too! She plays a few different instruments and can sometimes be found strumming a ukulele, mandolin, or guitar for the fun of it.
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