The 10 Best Apps to Learn Piano

March 19, 2020


The 10 Best Apps to Learn Piano

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In the past, the high cost of private piano learning lessons might have put many off from learning how to play the piano, but not anymore. Today, learning how to play the piano is easy thanks to great piano learning apps that can be downloaded from the comfort of your home.

However, with more than 2 million apps available on Google Play and Apple App Store it might take you forever to figure out the best app for your piano learning needs. Fortunately, we have made it easier for you by selecting the best ten piano learning apps. After reading through our list, you won’t have an excuse not to learn how to play the piano.

1. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

This free app is available on Google Play and iTunes App store. It has even won an award as one of piano learning apps recommended by parents for their children. Everything you need to learn on how to play the piano including instructions, lessons, and songs is available. It also comes in simple, intermediate and advanced formats such that you can keep tabs of your progress as you learn. This app will help you learn musical notation and the basics of playing the piano on a real piano or using your phone screen. However, it is good to point out that if you have a goal of becoming a professional piano player, you will need to pair the app with a physical instructor.

2. Piano Marvel

With Piano Marvel, you will gain access to numerous lessons and songs at a monthly or annual subscription. This app breaks the lessons into manageable, simple chunks and you can use any MIDI-supported keyboard to take the lessons. The app also tracks your progress via the MIDI compatibility and comes with videos that summarize what you are supposed to learn on every lesson. The only downside of the app is that it does not have a live chat or face-to-face lesson support.

3. Flowkey

Flowkey is not free, but it gives you a free 30 days trial so that you can gauge if this is the right app for you. When you start using it, you will have to undergo an assessment of your piano playing abilities to give you a good idea of where to start.  The simple to use app helps to track your learning progress using an acoustic piano or MIDI-capable keyboard. The app can access the microphone of your laptop such that it listens as you play and gives you feedback on the notes you might have missed. However, compared to other apps, the practical and music theory lessons are not as many.

4. Yousician Lead Guitar, Piano Bass & Ukelele

With this app, it is as if you have a music teacher in your phone. It lets you learn several instruments besides the piano one at a time. It listens to you play and gives you constructive feedback. It comes with more than 1,500 exercises. Additionally, its video lessons are something you won’t find with most of the apps. However, this app is not free and to gain access to all the additional features it comes with you will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. You can choose to pay for the piano lessons or all the provided musical instruments lessons.

5. Perfect Piano

Another free app and one of the best if you want to learn how to play the piano. You get a metronome and a keyboard that offers the 88 keys on your mobile screen once you get this app. The app also supports MIDI-keyboard, ACC, and MIDI recording with numerous songs offered for practice. The app also offers multiplayer capabilities, and there is real-time chat support. Although this app is free, you might have to part with a few dollars if you want access to all its songs and features.

6. Piano HD

This free app lets you adjust it such that you can learn to play the piano at your own speed. Additionally, you can load Karaoke and MIDI files using this app. Not forgetting that it offers a few studio-quality samples if you are aiming to play like a professional. The app has thousands of songs and 128 MIDI instruments for you to choose from. If the ads that keep popping up on your free app annoy you, you can opt to pay the yearly or monthly subscription and enjoy learning without interruptions.

7. Piano Lessons

You might be put off by this app because unlike other apps mentioned above, this app teaches you how to play the piano but does not let you play. However, it is a very helpful app since it covers a lot of theory with different sections for beginner to advanced pianists. The app also has video lessons that last between 2 to 10 minutes. With this app, you will easily move up to the next level if you are willing to put in the work. The best thing is that it is free.

8. Virtual Piano Trainer

This free app will please you if you loathe the ads that come with free apps. It does not need you to give any permissions for you to use it. This app is free of any distractions once you download it. You can also make adjustments on the app such that you can change the signatures, key labels, or the octaves you want to be displayed on the screen. You will learn to play the piano and read music. The app comes in three levels of difficulty, so it is easy to choose where to start. This simple and free app will definitely teach you how to play the piano.

9. Piano Teacher

A good app for you if you are a beginner pianist. This app offers finger-positioning lessons, which you might not find in other apps. You also learn how to read music, which is one thing you have to master if you want to be an excellent piano player. It will also coach on how to name the different chords and keys. It comes in freestyle and game mode. The former lets you practice as you learn while the latter will let you compete with your friends or let you play for better rankings or achievements.

10. Piano Maestro by JoyTunes

This iOS app will teach you how to play the piano and read sheet music. It is recommended for children or those who love video games since it like a video game. The app requests the player to perform the written music as the app plays the music. The app also offers weekly progress reports as you learn and challenges that will help you practice your lessons. You will look forward to using this app since you will only unlock upcoming tunes once you can successfully play the current songs. Reading music can be boring for most piano players, and this free app makes it a little easier and more interesting for you or your kids to learn to read music and play the piano.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to play the piano does not have to be difficult. The named piano learning apps will make it easier and even more fun for you to learn. Whether you want to learn the basics or you want to practice your piano skills, you can try out several of the named apps until you find one that suits your needs.

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