The 10 Best Piano Blogs

Piano May 18, 2020


The 10 Best Piano Blogs

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If you are interested in buying a piano, piano lessons, piano repairs, and any other piano related content the internet is the best place to seek help. You will find multiple blogs offering piano contents. However, not all these sites have quality and reliable information. To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of the best piano blogs you can check out. Below is the list of the ten best piano blogs.


In case you are starting your love affair with the piano, you will certainly need someone to teach you the basics. There are many websites and blogs offering piano lessons, but none is better than

There are several reasons why this site is way above the rest. To start with, they offer all the services free without any hidden charges or conditions. Their lessons are not detailed and easy to understand to a layman. The teachings here are in theory and video setting. The site has multiple videos on YouTube that one can access without any hustle. also has a dedicated social media platform where they regularly post engaging material useful to a piano student. On top of that their social media platform offers you a chance to interact with piano teachers and experienced pianist.  If you get stuck during your training, then you need not worry because this website provides live piano lessons that are both engaging and educative. The site is, without doubt, a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn the piano but has no clue how to go about it.

2. Zebra Keys

We imagine you want your child to learn the keyboard. You have bought one, but you are not getting anywhere with the training. Training a child to play the piano is a big problem for most parent especially those who cannot afford a tutor. The worst case scenario is when your child becomes frustrated by lack of progress in which they will stop playing the piano altogether.

Zebra Keys is a website dedicated to teaching children how to play the piano. The site is programmed to suit the need of a child starting from easy-to-read test to the virtual keyboard. The Virtual keyboard is the critical feature on the site because it keeps the child motivated. Zebra Keys is designed to make piano lessons exciting and comfortable.

Before you decide to enroll your kid in music let them try the lessons in the Zebra keys and learn the basics. The site is an excellent platform for you as a parent to interact with your children musically. It has all the tools needed to learn the piano while having fun.

3. Spinditty

Spinditty is a website dedicated to offering everything about music. For the keyboard, this website will become your best companion and help you to better your knowledge of the instrument.

First, the website offers you a chance to learn the piano and fall in love with it. There are engaging lessons that you can undertake here until you become a pro. The site has rich contents on matters to do with playing the piano which is helpful to a beginner and a regular pianist.

Spinditty also offers you a chance to learn some of the famous piano songs ever produced. The site is not biased thus it provides you with songs of the modern era and the past. On top of that this site offers regular updates on your favorite pianist. You get to know where top pianists will perform next and when to expect their next album.

Spinditty has something for every piano lover. If you are interested in top music, best players, or lessons, then this is the best place to start.

4. Making Music

Making Music is a website which deals exclusively with music. In that regard, anything that falls under that umbrella is there. Articles related to the piano are in plenty. Here you will find items showing the top reasons why you should learn the piano.  The site has also documented the challenges that are common when learning the keyboard with the possible solutions.

The website also provides a tutorial on the best techniques to play the piano. In the same case, you will get lessons on how to read musical notes which is very important if you intend to perform written songs. For anyone who wants to learn the basics of the keyboard, this website provides you with all the relevant information.

Making Music website will also come in handy if you need to learn more about the legends of the piano. Here you get information on how they excelled in their technique and some of the challenges they faced along the way. The website is thus a good motivator in case you feel like giving up on your piano lessons.

5. Piano Technician Guide

Sometimes you can be a good piano player but struggle to get the right notes because your piano is not well set. Your keyboard may stop playing, and you have no clue how to fix it. Because of such problems, you should pay Piano Technician Guide a visit.

Perhaps the only thing you need to maintain your piano are tips on how to do it. Most people end up ruining their expensive keyboards merely because they don’t know the dos and don’ts of the instrument. Piano Technician Guide will offer you simple tips that will ensure you get the best out of the keyboard.

On top of that, the website is also beneficial in case you intend to buy a piano. Here you will get essential information on how to select the best piano and even how to do a quality test. Lastly and most important the website provides you with an accredited technician who can fix your keyboard. These experts will also answer your questions online hence saving you the hustle of looking for a qualified technician.

6. Music Advisor

As the name goes Music Advisor is a blog which guides music fans on a variety of issues. The site is not limited to piano stuff, so it is the right place if you are interested in different musical instruments.

If you intend to buy a piano soon, I recommend you take a look at the articles on this website. One of the pieces highlighted here gives a detailed review of the best piano brands in the market right now. The best thing about such an article is giving you a rough idea of the average market price for keyboards. In the same case, the blog contains articles which highlight the best piano brand for beginners, intermediate and experts.

In case you are wondering what the health benefits of playing the piano are this website will help you with that. Interestingly unlike most blogs, the Music Advisor also gives you a few other external sites where you can get help on piano related issues. This website aims at helping music fans hence it’s an ideal place to find solutions.

7. Pianist

You will see very few sites dealing exclusively with the piano; most blogs deal with a variety of instruments hence they may not be as conclusive as desired. The pianist is one of the few blogs created purposely for the keyboard related contents.

In this website, you will get the latest piano news from all over the world. Here you are guaranteed to get the trending piano topics on social media. That’s not all; if you are a talented pianist, you will get to know where you can register for competitions that may help you further your career.

Are you looking for piano parts? Visit the Pianist, and you will get the best deals in the market. On top of that, you will find the best piano teachers and dealers.

The pianist is one website that doesn’t disappoint; it covers all issues related to the piano. The site also has social media handles where you can get regular updates.  On top of that, you can still apply to get newsletters on a regular basis.

8. World Piano News

World Piano News is not only a very educative website, but it is also very entertaining. The site has got engaging articles that will trigger your love for the piano to a new level. For instance, if there is any new keyboard related film out there, you will get all the information about it.  The good thing is that these articles are written by professionals who know how to capture the reader attention.

The website has got great pictures hence you can be assured the articles are interesting. Something else worth noting is information on piano sales. These are not just ordinary sales: the website covers some of the highly rated musical auctions where you can get yourself a vintage instrument.

The list is endless on what is in the World Piano News.  By going through this website, you can tell the dedication to make the site respectable. The site is not full of promotional items; actually, the site is designed to make you fall in love with the piano and willingly desire to own one.

9. KeyBoard

Many unsung pianists are slowly coming up but yet to hit the limelight. Most of these artists have great songs. In that regard, if you are interested in quality raw piano music, visit the Keyboard site.  In this website, you get firsthand information on upcoming artists that most blog don’t have. When these pianists make it big, you will proudly proclaim following every bit of their musical journey.

Keyboard website also offers a wide range of videos covering various topics. Here you will get videos outlining how to better your piano playing skills. Similarly, you will get interviews of some the most established piano teachers and artists.

Lastly, you will also get reviews on the new piano models showing you if there are worth buying and where to find them. We would highly recommend visiting this site because it contains information that most blogs don’t consider publishing. The website is not for commercial purposes, therefore, it is not biased.

10. is one of those websites that will cost you subscription charges, but in return, you get quality piano related contents. Most people tend to shy away from such, but I would recommend you try this one for the following reasons.

The first reason and the most important is the quality of the content provided. If for example, you need to view quality piano songs the site provides you with a comprehensive list. Their articles are rich in information and easy to understand. The information you get here is not gossips but rather news from trusted sources.

This website will also provide you with a music dictionary where you will get answers to the most common piano related queries. In short, this website offers value for money. What you get will not only improve your piano skills and knowledge but also save you the time you would use skimming from one site to the other and still end with unreliable information.

Final Thoughts

The above list provides blog sites that offer a wide range of piano contents hence you will find them helpful in one way or another. In case you need to check out other websites feel free to do so but ensure you pick a site that is updated regularly. All the best as you get acquainted with the piano- best musical instrument.

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